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Decor and interior design are an intrinsic part of my work as an artist and designer. When I see an interior, I'm immediately able to sense what's missing and most needed. Good aesthetic treatments can make the difference between uncomfortably inhabiting a space and truly living in it. In the project featured below, a bedroom in California, magic can happen to make all the difference in the world. One room in a home will often be the focal point from which everything else radiates and transforms. I understand that most people are not as visually-oriented as I am. The process can be overwhelming and intimidating. I make it easier to bridge that gap, facilitating changes that have often been postponed and on hold. Beautiful artwork and aesthetic lifestyle treatments are my specialties. Contact me to learn about my services. Set up a consultation with me here.

Project: Bedroom Re-Design for clients in the San Francisco Bay Area, Northern California

During the pandemic, I flew out to California to work on a bedroom transformation for one of my collectors. As per their request, the highlight of the project would be my watercolor painting Holy Fire Phoenix Rising. It would be placed above the bed and coordinated with carefully chosen colors, and various other things in the room. The intention was to bring the space to life. For the bespoke elements such as pillows and the duvet cover, we settled on my Vines design. Color is frequency, so getting everything just right was especially important to me. It's also one of my specialties.

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The Principals of FENG SHUI, Practical & Applied
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Peony, Holy Fire, Phoenix Rising, watercolor, Flower essence Transmission collection

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