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Decor and interior design are an intrinsic part of my work. When I walk into a space I can see and feel the energy and sense what is most needed. A room, house, or open garden space will often speak to me of its potential. Then, if I'm asked, I see everything in my mind's eye in an instant, and the guidance just keeps coming until I ask it to stop. To convey the look and feel I'm going for, or to recommend a particular work of art for a space I may create images similar to the one above. This way my clients and collectors can get a good sense of where their project is going. I'm very visual but most people are not, and they're sometimes intimidated by the idea of design. When you work with me you'll learn how to feel confident and let go during the process. I make it easier and more fun.

Project: Bedroom re-design for clients in the San Francisco Bay Area, Northern California

After a lot of preparation, I flew out to California (August 2021) to work on the actual transformation of the space. Several key components had shipped ahead of time but were delayed in arriving due to covid. Thankfully, issues around timing dissolved as the project commenced. My clients were also my crew in this case, and so everyone pitched in.

We made trips to Home Depot, and other local stores for supplies as we narrowed down some of the options I’d left open until my arrival. The paint colors for the soon to be re-furbished furniture, for instance. Color can be tuned for a space in highly nuanced ways. Since it was my artwork Holy Fire and textile designs Vines in the form of *bedding at center stage, coordinating the entire setting was especially important. Color is equal to frequency and can be made to nourish and support an environment and those within it. It's one of my specialties. 

Late in the project's planning, I learned that the headboard was to be a barrier to the north-facing coldest wall in the house, as well as sound insulation for the enhancement of music. When you work on a job like this there are always unexpected things that come up and that’s part of the beauty of it. Though it can add to the cost and time spent on a job, it usually produces the best results when clients are willing to go with the flow. Over several days, a significant change had taken place. The main part of the transformation was done. By the time I left, Phase 1 was approaching completion. 

*At the time of this photo the duvet cover is empty and flat looking as my clients hadn't received their new duvet insert yet. Also, we decided that a bedskirt would be very fitting in the same linen as the headboard. —Phase II, more to come.

Zoom is such a great tool when your clients are at a distance. Above are several screenshots from my first Zoom meeting with my client. As she walked me around her bedroom, she talked about her relationship to the space, what she liked and didn't, and how she wanted a sanctuary that she and her husband could enjoy. The furniture was functionally pretty good, but the outdated 70's look had to go. I wondered if they were ready to buy all new furniture and if that was even necessary. Considerations had to be made such as who makes the bed why it had to be simple to take care of. Doors were missing and some needed updating. These things can be negative distractions and drain energy. I use some Feng Shui principles but mainly feel the energy in a space and what it's doing so that I can correct it.

A lovely couple, both leading busy lives, they’d been living in this beautiful home on a large parcel of land in the Bay Area for several years. Truth: It’s common not to know what to do with your own space. During that first meeting, I quickly sensed the dynamics and how I could change the entire look, feel, and energy of that room to serve them better. 

As I walked down the main hallway and into the master bedroom for the first time I took the above picture. I loved the house and could see it fairly well during our Zoom calls, but in person, a whole new level of potential opened up.

We took final measurements several times before cutting the wood for the headboard. Everything measured out perfectly so that we were able to maximize the foam and fabric we'd purchased. A satisfying feeling.

The black plastic bag sitting atop the bed contained the duvet cover and pillow covers. Gold. I brought them with me in my luggage for safekeeping. Matching up such intricate patterns is a laborious and exacting process. These luxury items, all finished on the inside and French seamed were fabricated in-house at my workshop under my supervision. Beautiful to the eye and soft to touch, my products are durable, washable, and they're made to last.  

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