We're all connected by a web of living light in what appears as an intricate web of colored VINES. Exquisitely woven, it's in constant motion as it vibrates at various levels of consciousness playing the music of our collective creation.

Every breath, every emotion, and thought we feel is recorded within this living matrix. We create the story of this world as we live life, learn and evolve with most of this activity invisible to us. The most important and enduring element within this web of VINES is our love and how we've chosen to experience it. It's all recorded as part of this vibrant and creative matrix of life. To me, the pathways we leave behind look very much like the flowing lines, shapes, and colors of my VINES design. Etched in space, the story of how we’ve chosen to experience life is recorded and houses data for potential future pathways.

The universe never forgets what’s true, which always vibrates to the tune of love. It likes to remind us with its beauty as we recognize ourselves in its mirror. We know we're an intrinsic part of all creation. Synchronicities occur with greater frequency when we're awake to this extraordinary magic. Chances are, at some point, we’ll tap into a piece of the vine that reminds us of love, sometimes a long-forgotten connection we didn't know was missing. VINES supports us as we recognize it's time to pick up the thread and re-weave it into our current existence. This includes people, places, things, energies — relationships of all kinds that bring us into greater harmony with the truth of love.

LIGHTWEIGHT SHAWL, VINES Email for this design.
Bespoke Home Decor in Vines

Because they’re inspired by nature's algorithms or fractal formations, these designs have a way of reminding us of the larger things in life. Infinity, for instance. In a nanosecond, we're taken with them and simultaneously touched by something profoundly familiar. Think of them as gentle reminders that are nudging you toward expansion and greater clarity, and wrap yourself, or someone else in them. In a world full of distractions today's Rx includes VINES from my Fibonacci, Fractal and Flower Inspired designs. Level up with high-vibration products that speak your language. Modern Talismans for the Mind™ From Leslie Montana. Choosing just one could be a challenge.

Vines, Love woven throughout eternity, fractals in pink, lavender, plum

In a world full of distractions our right-minded attention is called for in every moment, and VINES is here to help. Think of this design as a stylish cover while you blaze along, being you. You know who you are, you're plugged in and lit-from-within, and you know that #FrequencyMatters

From the Leslie Montana - Green Alchemista Project, Frequency Matters Collection.