The Green Alchemisita Project, Frequency Matters Collection

It happened. I fell even more in love with the infinite. Inspiration then flooded in and my love of fabric, textile design, and practical spirituality took over. The Green Alchemista project was born! Inspired by the universal language of life and its geometry from micro to macrocosm, my designs are built upon a framework that relies upon the numbers of Nature. The Fibonacci sequence and fractals have a magical way about them. Known to slow mind chatter and induce meditative states, we relax when we look at them or sense them in our energy field. The energy and story behind each design speak of coherent circuitries of color and light. When worn, you may feel their support, but most certainly you'll enjoy the beauty and craftsmanship of each garment as many already do. To explore, click on the links and pictures below. You'll be drawn to exactly the right one(s) for you.  Modern Talismans for the Mind™ When looking at them isn’t enough wrap-up in your favorites. Because #FrequencyMatters. Visit the Green Alchemista Blog.

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