Intuitive Guidance Sessions

Get back on track by connecting to your truth, power & passion with Leslie Montana’s insightful, empowering & healing readings. Leslie looks directly into your deeper heart and core to witness your soul's unique imprint. During your reading, your questions and concerns are considered from the perspective of higher guidance and reflected back to you in a comfortable conversational format. The result of her compassionate insights, that is to say, seeing you for who you truly are, your gifts, strengths, and weaknesses help clear the way toward manifesting your true desires in life. The work you do together can help facilitate a letting go of old patterns that no longer serve you. This can feel uncomfortable at first as the old melts away to reveal a more real and beautiful you. It's a natural kind of alchemy that transforms us. Leslie is a masterful guide to have as an ally and a powerful agent of positive change. If she’s arrived in your life consider it a meaningful coincidence.

For further details and to schedule a session please email or call 973.441.5696

Intuitive guidance readings

Cancellation In the event you need to cancel an appointment, please notify me as soon as possible. Please Note: A standard full-fee 24-hour cancellation policy in place. Disclaimer Leslie Montana reserves the right to refuse any person(s) service and/or products of any kind, and for any reason whatsoever she deems reasonable and appropriate. Intuitive Guidance Sessions are never a replacement for phycological and or medical assistance and/or prescribed medication. Always consult your physician first, especially if you have a history of mental disorders. Recipients of Leslie Montana’s Intuitive Guidance sessions are solely responsible for their experience as well as any and all results. All sessions are offered at the sole discretion of Leslie Montana. Terms of service are subject to change without notice.