Leslie Montana - Is that your real name?
Yes. I was born with that name. I didn't change it when I was married. So, when I divorced, it stayed the same. Montana means mountain.

How long does it take you to make a painting?
Some paintings can take a while to complete. Sometimes years. For me it's not so much about the time it takes to complete a work of art, but the quality of attention and intention during the process. Because I'm in an altered state as I channel works of art into physical form, the time it takes is dictated by higher self and not aligned to limiting concepts.

How long have you been painting and making art?
Since I was a very little child. I knew I was and artist from the start, even though I had no idea what it meant culturally to be an artist. I just knew somehow that I was an artist. Being creative came naturally to me and the guidance I received, both seen and unseen supported from the start. It gave me direction and I loved it so much that I paid attention to it with great fondness.

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