Commissions, Exquisite Paintings on the Nature of Flowers Exclusively for You

From the beginning of history, art and its creation have been thought to have a special connection with the divine. As a testament to that, I can tell you that when I’m attuned and ready to paint, absolutely everything is so stunningly beautiful. It’s as if I’m peering through and into another realm of higher reality. My job is to sit in an active meditation and allow the painting to be created through me as I hold that vision. It's a spiritual pursuit, as an active prayer. While engaged in this process I’ve received many gifts such as untangling myself from lots of things that no longer served me. It seems a never-ending pursuit to become free of that stuff, that is, to discern between mind-projection, and, if you’re observing something, what it is that’s truly there. When I get deep into it and relax, the realization ultimately emerges that no-thing is there! Only space.

I'm a painter and when it comes to painting, I’ve always known it's not about what something should be or look like. It's a dialogue with consciousness. Though I recognized this, I didn't have adequate words to convey this years ago. Replacing limited consciousness (mind) with the purest presence I could muster was ultimately my goal. A sacred task of sorts. In the early days, just after I graduated from college, I didn't know what I was doing or where I was going. I’d experienced profound disappointment with school and began to use meditation without even realizing it. Once I began there was no turning back. I’d innocently embarked on a personal healing journey that began to make me whole again. It was the most important thing in the world to me and still is.

Back then, as I began to re-learn and trust in the process of life, I walked solo through some very uncomfortable territory. I spent hours surrendering to the light of my soul as I was guided to create that which was more in alignment. I shed many of the ideas and concepts that had been force-fed to me. Consequently, I've become very good at leading people back into the light of their own truth. If I'm good at anything, it's that. I've often seen my artwork as a doorway. If you feel it and it makes you feel good, it's speaking to you and that's wonderful. Walk right through that door. You're invited. Welcome. Stay awhile.

When I'm working, the place I go in my interior is key, and my skills, while important are secondary even though they're well-honed and highly developed. When I’m connected and in the zone, I create with the heart of my higher self and it all comes through as it's meant to. I’m centered in what I call an ultra-alive, quiet, spaciousness and the energy of that presence or awareness is free to come through and become part of the work. It's an altered state, yet it feels completely normal to me. I've come to understand that it's meant to be normal.

The light-of-life streams through my hands while I'm working. Formerly reserved for what I used to think of as creative activity, I now acknowledge this state as my everyday normal. On more than one occasion I’ve been approached on a dance-floor and told that streams of color were streaming out of my fingertips. Engrossed in the experience of life, it’s actual life that streams through me when I’m painting and creating.The inspiration I experience, my connection to source, comes through my fingertips and embeds itself into my creations. The energetic imprints have often been described as palpable by my collectors and full of positive and uplifting energy. My process which involves attention, intention and all that I do to make a work of art, is directed to create the new. That which has never been seen in our reality before. When I embark on behalf of specific individuals it’s become a new category of commissioned artwork I offer called Special Commissions, Exquisite Paintings on the Nature of Flowers, Exclusively for You.

I was born with the gift of vision. It is an integrated part of my being. Nothing 'woo' about it. Not long ago, when I began pondering how I might see deeply for the benefit of my collectors a whole new level of experience opened up for me. As an artist, I wondered, could I write about this? Would people get it? I knew I could see and communicate with paint, brush and energy, that which went beyond words and directly to the soul of another. As I questioned, I received affirmations instantaneously. Images arrived in vivid larger-than-life color along with really interesting concepts for the people I inquired about. This got my attention and I became excited about the possibilities. Bringing Special Commissions, Exquisite Paintings on the Nature of Flowers, Exclusively for You to people like you is a wonderful thing and it’s meant for those who are drawn to it.

I've always believed beauty to be an important, if not critical gateway to higher self. It loosens the mind from its habitual and destructive habits and lifts us to our greater potential. High-vibrational creations truly serve the whole of humanity in this way as they inspire us to be more in alignment, not just in our heads, but in the real world. Now more than ever people are willing to see this as truth and live by it, even if only by one tiny step at a time. During this major paradigm shift, there's still a great deal of transformation through pain and suffering. Though nowadays it seems a lot easier to choose something new. Contrast may guide us as the grip of old paradigm dynamics drops away. Humanity is waking up and we can sense and choose truth with greater clarity.

Beauty. Truth. Words that cannot capture but only lead us to direct experience. Ease. Profound Connection. Higher Consciousness. Light. Healing. Grounded Spirituality. Life. Wouldn't it be wonderful to feel supported and gain greater realization of these states through the gateway of beauty? Each of us holds a unique key. Special Commissions, Exquisite Paintings on the Nature of Flowers, Exclusively for You is one of the ways I've found of bringing it forward. Artworks created with you in mind make for a unique reflection of you that’s cherishable. And it’s a wonderful gift I've been given to offer to you. Your curiosity creates the space for me to see your work of art in the ethers. The magic happens as you step forward and claim it.

For more information and to find out how you may participate in my special commission's program, get in touch with me. The possibilities are exquisitely endless and I invite you to begin the process by reaching out.

Leslie Montana