How to Commission A Work of Art

From the beginning of history, art and its creation have been thought to have a special connection with the divine. As a testament to that, I can tell you that when I’m attuned and ready to paint, absolutely everything is so stunningly beautiful. It’s as if I’m peering into another realm of reality. And that's what I'm doing, as I channel the higher frequencies of Mother Nature into my paintings.


My job is to sit in an active meditation as I allow the painting to be created through me. It is a spiritual pursuit, an active prayer grounded in physical reality. Practical spirituality, I call it. I'm a conscious channel through which certain bandwidths of focused energy flow and becomes works of art.


Commissioning a work of art with me is a very special process. Just as each person has guardian angels, we also have guides on the other side of the veil that are part of nature. I sometimes call them nature's angels and they are invisible to most. However, when you start the process of commissioning a work of art, they begin communicating with me, delivering specific visuals, colors and frequencies to support you. This amazing process developed as I came into mature ownership of my true creative nature. Read a more in depth article here.


For more information about Special Commissions, Exquisite Paintings on the Nature of Flowers, contact me.


With Love from Mother Nature,

Leslie Montana