Commissions, Exquisite Paintings on the Nature of Flowers, Exclusively for You

From the beginning of history, art and its creation have been thought to have a special connection with the divine. As a testament to that, I can tell you that when I’m attuned and ready to paint, absolutely everything is so stunningly beautiful. It’s as if I’m peering through and into another realm of higher reality. And that's what I'm doing as I channel the higher frequencies of Mother Nature, God-in-Nature into my paintings. The nature of flowers is such that they ground higher frequencies onto the planet like nothing else. I tune into aspects of the Divine Feminine and bring that into my work. 

As an artist, my job is to sit in an active meditation and allow the painting to be created through me as I hold the vision I'm receiving. It's a spiritual pursuit, an active prayer. I'm a conscious channel through which focused energy flows and becomes a work of art. I'm running energy as I work which facilitates the ascension process of those who resonate with my work, and myself. It takes dedication and self discipline in a world that's marginalized truth and beauty. 

I'm a painter and when it comes to painting, I’ve always known it's not about what something should be or look like. It's a dialogue with consciousness and provides constant discovery. Though I recognized this at an early age, I didn't have adequate words to convey this years ago. Replacing limited consciousness (mind) with the purest presence I can muster is always my goal.

My skills are important but secondary to the inner planes of my awareness. When I’m connected and in the zone I create with the heart of my higher self. I’m centered in what I call an ultra-alive, quiet, spaciousness and the energy of that presence or awareness is free to come through and become part of the work. It's an altered state, yet it feels completely normal to me. I've since come to understand that it's meant to be normal.

The light-of-life streams through my hands while I'm working. Note: I’ve been approached on a dance-floor and told that streams of color were streaming out of my fingertips. Engrossed in the experience, it’s life that streams through me when I’m painting and creating.The inspiration, my connection to source, comes through my fingertips and embeds itself into my creations. I'm also projecting light from my sacred eye, third eye. My process which involves attention, intention and all that I do to make a work of art, is directed to create the new. That which has never been seen in our reality before. When I embark on behalf of clients it’s become a category of commissioned artwork I call Special Commissions, Exquisite Paintings on the Nature of Flowers, Exclusively for You.

I was born with the gift of vision. It is an integrated part of my being. Nothing woo about it. So when I began pondering how I might see for the benefit of my collectors a whole new level of experience opened up for me. I wondered, could I write about this? Would people get it? As I experimented, I received confirmation as images arrived in vivid larger-than-life color along with really interesting concepts for those I inquired about. Their flowers arrived as soon as asked for them.

I've always believed beauty to be an important, if not critical gateway to higher self. It loosens the mind from its habitual and destructive habits and lifts us to our greater potential. High-vibrational creations truly serve the whole of humanity. Now more than ever people are willing to see this and live by it, even if one tiny step at a time. During this major paradigm shift, there's still a great deal of transformation through pain and suffering even though it seems a lot easier to choose something new. Contrast may guide us as the grip of old paradigm dynamics drops away. Humanity is waking up. Beauty helps.

Special Commissions, Exquisite Paintings on the Nature of Flowers, Exclusively for You are artworks created with you in mind. Your curiosity creates the space for me to see your flowers and work of art in the ethers. The magic happens as you step forward to claim it.

Leslie Montana