Winter Solstice Inspiration | Peony No. 1, 2021, Holy Fire, Phoenix Rising

Peony No.1, 2021 - Holy Fire, Phoenix Rising

A few days before the winter solstice, 2021, I could feel the stirring of this other-worldly flower, a peony, calling to me. I began to see it in my mind's eye and prepared a drawing so I'd be ready to paint when the energies came in fully. As I worked on it, I wondered what it would want to be named. I'm always curious to know what spirit will bring me. Then, at a certain point when the painting began to take form, I was told it would be called Holy Fire. Then later on my guides added Phoenix Rising. The filmy petals of this flower had an unusual effect that was more powerful than usual as I worked with them. The artwork forming beneath my brush embodied the energy of a purifying spiritual fire. As I painted, it cleared my energy field and burned off the dross, fear, and weirdness of winter 2021. And as I continued to work on it, that energy got stronger. Beauty is healing.

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