Peony Holy Fire, Phoenix Rising, In Progress

Peony Holy Fire Phoenix Rising shown in progress

Have you ever wondered how an artist creates a painting? Even just a hint... how do they do that? I wondered, which put me on my path very early on. I knew myself to be an artist as a tiny tot. But at two or three years old, I had no idea what that meant to anyone else.

Intrinsically mysterious, the creative process can be described in poetic language, by reading brainwaves (maybe), but when experienced by an individual, who is creating or enjoying works of art that have been created, it is so very real. 

As an artist, I'm in a constant state of discovery. I stand aside while the artwork is made manifest, and I witness. If my mind were involved, nothing would ever happen.

Here you can see Peony Holy Fire, Phoenix Rising, my watercolor painting from the winter of 2021. Prints of this painting are available in my online shop.

See a home decor project featuring my painting Peony Holy Fire, Phoenix Rising.

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Leslie Montana