Leslie Montana Home Decor - Project Continued

Above: My clients await delivery of a feather-down insert for the new duvet cover that I designed and had made for them.

Color is Frequency

For the bespoke elements such as pillows and the duvet cover, we chose my Vines design. Color is frequency, so getting everything just right was especially important to me. The bespoke items I created for this project are available to purchase as a custom order.

The Creative Process is all About Change

Late in the planning stages, I learned that my clients wanted the headboard to serve as a barrier to the north-facing coldest wall in the house. There are always unexpected things that come up and though this can add to the cost of a job, it usually produces the best results when clients are willing to go with the flow. Practical considerations such as this are important and contribute to the level of comfort and livability. They wanted their bedroom to be more of a sanctuary.


Above are several screenshots from my first Zoom meeting with my client. She walked me around her bedroom phone in hand, as she described her relationship with the space. What she liked and didn't, and how she wanted a sanctuary for her and her husband became increasingly clear.

The furniture was functionally OK, and worked well for them, but the outdated 70s look needed updating. Buying new furniture would have come at a considerable cost, so we decided to work with some of what they already had.

Not knowing how to design your own space is common. When you're close up, it's best to have someone you can trust to assist in the process.

A lovely couple, both leading busy lives, they’d been living in this beautiful home in the Bay Area for several years. During that first meeting, I quickly sensed the dynamics and how I could change the look, feel, and energy of that room to serve them better. In my work, I use the basic principles of Feng Shui, however, I rely on my ability to read the space energetically to achieve the desired results. 

My clients love how their bedroom now looks and feels. A vast improvement, the before pictures show just how dramatic a transformation can be with the right kind of attention and artistry. A bit of TLC can make all the difference in the world.

If you like what you see, and need help re-imagining your space, you can learn more about my services and schedule a design consultation me here.

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Leslie Montana