Purple Iris

Purple Iris watercolor painting by Leslie Montana

Title: Purple Iris | Medium: Watercolor on paper

This original watercolor painting by Leslie Montana of an iris blossom in purple, blue and turquoise speaks to us through its ephemeral petals and otherworldly colors. Reminiscent of fish swimming in the sea or butterflies floating aloft the slightest breeze, this incredibly delicate flower looks to me like live paint strokes of colored air. It's easy for me to find inspiration in them as no two are the same. Iris energies are as intelligent and anthropomorphic as any living thing can be. The flower essence, or energetic signature of this flower, is known for its ability to enhance creative potential and a fresh exuberant feeling. When working with these flowers I can feel these qualities. As a result, my Purple Iris painting carries a unique version of the Iris's energetic signature. Instinctively we know which flowers make us feel good and brighten us. My artwork and related products are all about bringing more of these wonderful qualities into the world for everyone to enjoy. 

The Leslie Montana Apparel Collection - Watercolor Shawls
Purple Iris - Lightweight Shawl - My watercolor painting Purple Iris comes alive in this beautifully designed shawl featuring rows of endlessly layered blossoms lined in royal purple chiffon. Allow the energy of this painting to assist you in harnessing your creativity in new and constructive ways, while you look and feel stunning in it. My luxurious shawls are easy to care for and incorporate well into most wardrobes for year round use. Enjoy this exquisite handmade garment from the Leslie Montana - Exquisite Flowers Collection. Special-occasion gift-giving just got a whole lot easier.