Painting as a Practical Form of Meditation

Do you love the luminous and transparent look of watercolors? Have you always wanted to try your hand at it? Some say it’s one of the most difficult and unforgiving mediums to master. My feelings about that—not so! For the aspiring or experienced artist and seeker ready to take a chance and conquer this fluid, versatile and beautiful medium. 

Painting as a Practical Form of Meditation, Raindrops on Roses, Online Watercolor Classes with specific focus modules. Watch the videos below to learn more. Video may be loading, patience please.

Focus your mind in new ways and enjoy being creative.
 Making art is a great way to go about re-training your mind. As a practical form of meditation, making art has practical results. In short, as you apply what you learn, you'll have your creations to show for it, as well as greater clarity and direction for how you want to use what you learn.


Energy Attunements - As a long-time Reiki Master and conscious channel, I'm here to assist students on their journey by witnessing and lighting the path forward. Energy transference is natural and if you're open to receiving an added boost for your creative endeavors, that's part of the offering.


Workshops - With many years in the field of art, I bring high-level technical expertise and knowledge of art and history to the table. In addition, my deeply intuitive understanding of this process helps streamline things for you. Bring your curiosity, and enthusiasm and join in my next online class. Reserve your spot today.

Private Sessions - Book a private session with me via Zoom. For those who would like to work one-on-one with me. Ideal for busy schedules and far away times zones. Find out more about my Art & Creation private sessions and book your session here.


My Supply List

I've done some shopping around and here's a link to buy supplies, including some of the brushes I use, paper for this class, paint if you're just building your collection, and some other favorites.


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