Brand Ambassador Program - Earn Passive Income

Introducing the Leslie Montana, Brand Ambassador Program. Request a membership trial which will allow you to participate in rewards and earn passive income. There are 3 main categories you can work with.

Reproductions of original artwork by Leslie Montana.
1. High-End Giclee Prints 2. Posters 3. Wall Hangings

Apparel & Accessories:
1. Lightweight Shawls 2. Chiffon Scarves 3. Neck Warmers (winter) 4. Purses & Totes

Home Decor:
1. Pillows 2. Comforter Covers & Throws 3. Wallpaper
• Interior Design Service • Decor Treatments • Staging

• Earn a percentage of sales from referrals or as commissions. We encourage an organic approach, and you’ll receive personalized training that you can use in all your interactions. What's most natural for you? Word of mouth, online? Both?

• If you’re blogging, vlogging, a social media enthusiast or you maintain an active social network via email, you can apply for our Electronic Brand Status. Once approved, you’ll receive access to professional images, expertly written ad-copy and materials such as advertisements and banners to help you get started and on your way. Reach out to your network with meaningful products and services and earn money in the process.

Please contact me if you'd like to participate.
— Leslie Montana