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Buying art supplies can be overwhelming, challenging, and even frustrating, especially for a beginner. Choosing the best quality supplies that make the most sense for whatever it is you're doing is just smart. It paves the way for a good experience all the way around.

I've done some shopping for you, and below are Amazon links you can use to purchase products that I use and recommend. I may receive a small commission when you buy. Please let me know if there's anything you'd like me to add to the list.


I've tested many brushes over the years and I first came across Silver, Black Velvet bushes during an embargo on sable in 2014. They handle beautifully and are a fraction of the cost of sable. Made with a combination of synthetic fibers, and premium squirrel hair, their unique design ensures that they maintain a fine point, hold a generous amount of water, and have good spring. They provide excellent control and are my go-to everyday watercolor brushes. 

My Top Pick: I use this number 8 brush all the time. It is versatile for its size and handles the most important aspects of painting including fine detail and larger areas of color.

- No. 8 - Watercolor Round - Buy on Amazon

This number 6 brush is also good to have in your collection. You'll see me working with this one in videos too. It's a bit smaller than the no. 8 brush.

- No. 6 - Watercolor Round - Buy on Amazon


I use many types of watercolor paper, all of them, professional-grade. The Arches brand is one of my top choices to recommend to students. Hot and cold press papers handle differently. Try them both. The watercolor blocks I found (below) are a cost-effective way to experiment before investing in full sheets or rolls.

Hot Press (Smooth) watercolor block 9x12" Buy on Amazon

Cold Press (Rough) watercolor block 9x12" Buy on Amazon

Selecting the right paint is so important, and such a huge topic. I use several brands of paint, mainly Daniel Smith and Winsor Newton. If you're just starting out this is a very good introductory set from Daniel Smith. 6 tubes of 5ml paint in must-have colors for your paint collection: 
Buy on Amazon



I've used a mechanical pencil exactly like this one since I was in high school. And I've only had to replace it once which attests to its durability. It comes pre loaded with HB lead and is a must for transferring drawings to your watercolor paper. Buy on Amazon Pentel Mechanical Pencil



Natural light is always best. After sun-down though, I've used these to light my work area for many years. Made with a uniquely composed glass that results in purified light with enhanced violet, blue, green, and red tones providing a striking pure white light. Due to its chromatic balance and color discriminating qualities, Chromalux® full spectrum light bulbs produce glare-free light that helps you concentrate longer with increased visual acuity and greater comfort. Chromalux® full spectrum incandescent light bulbs reduce eye stress and create a pleasing, colorful, and relaxing environment that enhances people’s sense of well-being. Originally developed in Sweden for those suffering from SAD. Note: Use with wattage-rated compatible fixtures only.

- Set of 2, 60 watt Chromalux® light bulbs - Buy on Amazon

- Single, 100 watt Chromalux® light bulbs - Buy on Amazon 



Over the years I've used many Ayurvedic and western herbs, teas, tinctures and noticed that they benefited my ability to concentrate and relax. I've sent hundreds of customers to my favorite resources. Below are a few of the products I love and use regularly.

Organic Tulsi Powder - Enjoy as Tea - Buy on Amazon

  • ALSO KNOWN AS "holy basil" or by its scientific name, Ocimum sanctum, tulsi is a sacred plant from India with a variety of benefits and uses, which include promoting healthy lungs and a robust immune system.* 
  • AS AN ADAPTOGEN, tulsi can assist the body in coping with stress. It also calms the mind, promotes mental clarity, supports healthy weight management, and is soothing for the heart—both physically and emotionally.* — Learn more at the link provided above.

Organic Turmeric Latte Mix with Ashwagandha & Cardamom - Buy on Amazon

  • GOLDEN in color, this spice mix features a treasure trove of delicious and healthy ingredients. Organic dates serve as a sweetener, with peppermint, ginger, cardamom, and cinnamon contributing to the flavor. A touch of black pepper lends additional spice and maximizes the benefit of the main ingredient, turmeric.*
  • TURMERIC is well known for bringing comfort to the joints and promoting healthy function of the circulatory, respiratory, and immune systems. Also included in this formula is the beloved adaptogen ashwagandha, which has a rejuvenating and calming influence on the nervous system.* — Learn more at the link provided above.


Disclaimer: I am not a doctor or health care provider. Always consult your health care provider before taking any kind of substance or recommendation. Remember, you are 100% responsible for your experience. Leslie Montana is not responsible for any aspect of your experience, good or bad. Using the links provided on this page indicates that you understand these terms, are a self-responsible adult, and are at least 18 years of age.

Affiliate Links: I've done some shopping for you, and this page contains Amazon links you can use to purchase things I use and/or recommend. I may receive a small commission when you buy using the links provided.

Thank you for supporting my work! – Leslie Montana