Peony Wings

Peony Wings watercolor painting by Leslie Montana
Title: Peony Wings | Medium: Watercolor on paper, Size: 15 x 20 Inches

Compared to roses, peonies are probably my favorite flowers. Enticing, with their flowing lines, softly transitioning colors and paintbrush-shaped petal edges, I'm all in. When my attention is on these flowers I always receive a boost of positive energy, their energetic signature being one of abundant life force. I truly missed peonies when I lived in Southern California. All the florists stocked them but for my purposes there's nothing like the garden setting. These flowers need cold winters, including a hard frost for their growth cycle.

When I moved to Colorado I immediately went hunting for them. Fortunately, I found wonderful specimens and Peony Wings watercolor was one of the first paintings I created. This painting looks different throughout the day because I work with shifting daylight. So, layered light is a pronounced quality of this work of art. Peonies enhance positive energy, and therefore good fortune. In the far east, they're commonly used as Feng Shui enhancements.