Collard Greens, Watercolor

Collard Greens watercolor painting by Leslie Montana

Title: Collard Greens | Medium: Watercolor on Paper

This watercolor painting is composed of layered color shapes that look abstract up close, but as you step back, the recognizable forms of this well-known vegetable appear. I love to spend time in gardens watching as plants reach various stages of development. 

Garden vegetables are a great inspiration in the kitchen and my studio. As collard greens grow, they seem so larger and sturdy, but they're actually velvety to the touch. Each of its odd-shaped translucent window panes allows illumination and creates a kind of glowing pattern. It's those patterns, along with spiraling stalks that captured my attention in this painting.

How many shades of green are there? I'm pretty sure it is infinite. Working with these vegetables and observing them brings me into a state of wonder. That's the secret ingredient that makes painting so delicious.

Leslie Montana