Collard Greens

Collard Greens watercolor painting by Leslie Montana

Title: Collard Greens | Medium: Watercolor on Paper

My Collard Greens watercolor painting is composed of layered color-shapes that look abstract up close, but as you step back, the recognizable forms of this well-known vegetable appear. I love to spend time in gardens watching as plants reach various stages of development and readiness. Common garden vegetables are a wonderful inspiration for both my kitchen as well as my art studio. As collard greens grow, they seem larger than life and velvety to the touch. And even though they look super sturdy, each of its delicate puckers, of odd-shaped window panes allow illumination through creating a pattern of glow. It's those patterns of light and color along with its gracefully spiraling stalks that captured my attention as I painted this watercolor. When you see at a green leafy vegetable in a garden, at the market or even on your plate you may ask; How many shades of green are there? I can tell you that I'm pretty sure it's infinite. Something that simple can bring you into a state of wonder. 

My wavy-style borders developed naturally as I learned to use the medium of watercolor. To this day I usually allow the painted areas to meet the white space of the paper in an organic way creating a soft edge. Many artists tape off space, which creates a sharp edge when the tape is removed. For me, it's only when I paint to the edge of the paper that a sharp-looking edge is made.

Museum-quality giclee prints of my Collard Greens watercolor painting are available in several sizes, as well as your choice of paper or canvas. These are beautiful reproductions of my original paintings crafted by expert printmakers with the finest materials. Signed by the artist.

email me for further details including availability of original artwork. Serious inquiries may arrange an in-person viewing upon request.