Chard Sword - Alignment to the High Masculine

Title: Chard Sword, Alignment to the High Masculine by Leslie Montana
Watercolor on rough press paper
Paper 19 x 22 inches / Image 12 x 15 inches
Key Notes: Alignment to the High Masculine, Uniqueness of Being
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Chard Sword, an invitation from our inner might, the depth of our true strength. It brings us forward, pushes us out of our comfort zone, and introduces us to deeper levels of courage. If we deny it, we betray ourselves and our loved ones, upsetting the balance of what's dear to us. It's the hardest thing we'll ever undertake, yet once we get it, we'll willingly do it for the rest of our lives. We're on fire to act, but only in alignment with what we know we must. And while we always have a choice, there is no other choice here. So we allow ourselves to become soft, flowing, and taken up by the waters, the current of life that lives through us. We trust more and defend less. Mother Nature, our true nature, is our guide.


Chard Sword, Alignment to the High Masculine. Painting shown in progress.

Chard Sword, Alignment to the High Masculine. Painting shown in progress.

Chard Sword, Alignment and Embodiment speaks of a balance between masculine and feminine, but its message takes us beyond concepts. The harmony of nature, its softness, and its fierceness are represented in the central frond, an upright chard leaf, which I call a sword. It calls us to cut through untruths and mental notions as we return to what feels good, right, and aligned with our highest vibration.

Our action-oriented, mentally dominant culture is being redefined. Every day as we turn our attention to what makes us feel whole and human, the changes we need most tend to occur. Not always comfortable, by the way. The masculine energies of action and doing have become corrupted by beliefs that drive people to go against Mother Nature and her ways. As humanity wakes up to its true creative nature the balance of everything slowly changes.

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