Simplifying The Complex, On the Nature of Creativity + Video

Pastel Pink Rose Blossom, Watercolor shown in progress.

How do you simplify the complex? Process-oriented art and creation is one way. What is that? I explore this and related topics in my videos and writings. watch below. —To summarize, it's the most natural thing you can imagine, and it happens all the time in your everyday life. Creativity is an ability that's built into us, whether we make art with it or not. When we are aligned with it our artwork takes on a new depth and clarity. It's our inborn superpower. During these challenging times, I believe we are transitioning into the truly creative beings we were always meant to be.

Join me in this conversation as I explore and give voice to this topic and other topics. Let me know what you think, feel and how you use creativity in your everyday life. It's always great to hear from you.

Below: Watch me paint Pastel Pink Rose as I talk about the various components that go into making a work of art. Watch and listen for a gentle boost of energy and inspiration. Allow yourself to become both relaxed and energized. And if you want to visit my Youtube channel directly, here is a link for this video and others.

Leslie Montana


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