Artist Masterclass, Watercolor Intensive, Painting and Technique, Cultivating Sustainable Practices

Artist Masterclass series with Leslie Montana

Watercolor Intensive, Painting, Technique, & Cultivating Sustainable Practices

In this masterclass series, we'll take an in-depth look at the different stages of creating a painting in watercolor. Starting with our initial concept, we'll explore why we choose what we do and how to make the best decisions from the start to achieve our goals with efficiency and ease.

From concept to sketch, drawing, under-drawing, and the proper use and understanding of materials, a lot of consideration goes into this process. To achieve physical mastery, acquiring technical skills is a must. Good guidance, re-attuning the mind, and letting go of outdated concepts also helps us to excel with greater efficacy and confidence. Sustainable practices are your foundation, as I share personal techniques, and some of my best kept secrets.

The energetic, unseen, and invisible are key components.


In my work as an artist and teacher, I learned early on that the energetic, unseen aspects that inspire us to create in the first place are foundational. These are critical components of our work. And while defining those elements in linear terms is challenging and poetically non-rational, it's easy to grasp from the flow state. Meditation helps induce the flow state, and practice under my guidance can help you stay there longer.

Art has the potential to take us beyond the mundane do-this-to-get-that model of reality. The frustration you may feel from time to time is a redirect into this unexplored sector of your universe. The universe of you.

It's all about the art of making art. And in my version of making art as a life practice, we start from a holistic orientation that leads us forward as we cultivate sustainable practices that serve us, our creations, and our lives overall.

"As a professional painter and fine artist, I see Leslie Montana's instruction not as a course of education but as a soul retreat. Her soft yet powerful approach, while she makes the brush connected to the divine in nature, stirs the soul and pierces the heart. Her sessions are like a balm where she invites you into her knowledge and experience. Her paintings are alive and you feel and see them dance. I recommend Leslie's courses and her instruction, they are pure gold and beauty combined." Grace, Southeastern CT

What to expect when you join my masterclass

After you sign up, you'll receive a welcome email from me with details. And approximately one week before your program, jpgs and information will be sent to you so you can prepare ahead. You'll have access to a private masterclass community page that will be updated with photos, videos, and writings that are of specific relevance to your program. This adds an extra dimension of support and keeps us connected throughout the time we work together.

Painting, technique, and the choosing and handling of materials will be our main focus. The material is structured, yet fluid, and geared for individual students and groups. I'll be sharing and interacting with you as I demonstrate via webcam. It's slow, process-oriented type of learning that gets absorbed, a bit like an apprenticeship.

When you work with me, you'll sense my dedication to your overall success. I'll be directing you toward ownership of your own creative power. I'll be helping you remove and replace misguided beliefs around your work, art, and where you want to go with it. In the process, you'll gain greater clarity, and your skills will improve as you practice.

"I first encountered Leslie’s art online on social media. Her flower paintings spoke to me in the same way that an amazing song will sneak up on you unexpectedly. The paintings ask nothing, they contain everything, and they resonate with a warmth and compassion that transcends Leslie’s obvious technical mastery. 

I visited her website and was delighted to find that Leslie offered classes! We touched base, and I signed up for a Master Class.

The Master Class has been a gift in every possible way. On the surface, the format is simple: we talk for about an hour via Skype, and Leslie paints for an hour while I watch and while we continue to talk. I paint, too, in my own time, trying as best I can to use the same meditative approach that Leslie uses, although not necessarily emulating her style.

There is so much more to the classes than painting, though. Although Leslie freely and gracefully provides practical guidance on materials selection, color interactions, pigment characteristics, water control, etc., the classes are more about getting in touch with our inner Source, with the exquisite beauty that dwells within and that wants nothing more than to be seen.

I learned early on that I wasn’t painting roses. In fact, I wasn’t painting at all. I was playing, listening to the silence, getting out of my own way, and, above all, trusting in the process. I knew this was how I wanted to create before I met Leslie, and her gentle, consistent guidance has helped me tremendously in painting what I feel and not what I think I should be putting down on paper.

I unconditionally recommend Leslie’s classes to anyone who wants to be in the way that allows us to create authentic, heartfelt art." Tim, Colorado Springs

Reconnect to the heart of your creative nature

Learning the high craft of painting in watercolor from a foundation of authentic alignment is powerful. I chose watercolor because it is the least toxic of mediums, and its brilliance and versatility are exceptional. After years of working with and learning how to maximize the very best qualities of this medium, I now share my methods, and some of my secrets in my masterclass series.

Have you noticed the paradigm shift taking place inside you? It demands authentic creativity as well as constant improvement not only of technical skills but how we use them. When we align with our true creative nature we gain energy and can move through challenges with greater ease. We see more, and we deepen our love for our craft, and we can accomplish more than we ever have.

Masterclass, painting in watercolor, cultivating sustainable techniques
Work one-on one with me, or join a small group intensive.

Go at your own pace, lecture & demo format

You're busy and can't always get to everything exactly when you want to, but you're dedicated, and your art is important to you. Does this sound like you?

In this lecture and demo format, you can watch and relax during live classes, or paint along. You can use the files I send you to prepare ahead of time if you like, but you don't have to to. Most people just relax and take in the experience the first time around. Replays for the small group intensive will be available on the masterclass community page. Follow along with the video and paint afterward.

Take your work to the next level

My Artist Masterclass series is not just about watercolor or techniques. It's about strengthening your foundation as a creator in all areas.

With me, you'll learn about the practical side of painting, pro tips, and how-to's, while also cultivating sustainable practices to carry you deeply into the mystery of your artistry. Paramount are your own unique gifts and vision, and I have a way of unearthing those gems for you to work with and enjoy.

Request to join my next masterclass. You can work one-on-one with me, or join a small group intensive. I also offer individual coaching sessions.