Artist Masterclass Series with Leslie Montana

In this masterclass series, we'll take an in-depth look at the different stages of creating a painting in watercolor. Starting with our initial concept, we'll explore why we choose what we do and how to make the best decisions from the start to achieve our goals with ease.

From concept to sketch, drawing, under-drawing, and the proper use and understanding of materials, a great deal of consideration goes into this process. To achieve physical mastery, we acquire technical skills and sharpen them with practice. And that is a big part of this artist masterclass.

But. Art is Magical. It takes us beyond the mundane do-this-to-get-that model of reality. So the frustration you may feel from time to time is often a redirect into this unexplored sector of your universe. The universe of you.

The Art of Making Art. In my version of making art as a life practice, we start from a holistic orientation that leads us forward in sustainable ways. Have you noticed the paradigm shift taking place inside you? It demands authentic creativity as well as constant improvement not only of technical skills but how we use them. When we use our creative nature well we gain energy and can move through challenges with greater ease. We see more and we love our craft even more than we did before.

Video: [Learn] Master Your Creativity, The Art of Making Art. An Artist Masterclass with Leslie Montana
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What To Expect When You Join In

After you sign up, you'll receive a welcome email from me. And soon after that, an email with jpgs and information to prepare you for class. You’ll also receive a link to a private masterclass community page that will be updated with photos, videos, and writings that are of specific relevance. This adds an extra dimension of support and keeps us connected throughout the time we work together.

Format: Lecture and demo, watch and absorb, or use the the files I send you to prep and paint while I do. Replays will be available on the masterclass community page. I recommend you join in live and watch the first time, and paint afterwards.

Get Started

Take your work to the next level with Leslie Montana in her groundbreaking masterclass series, Painting in Watercolor, Cultivating Sustainable Practices Through Meditation. Learn more about the practical side of painting, pro tips and how-to's, while cultivating sustainable practices that can last a lifetime. It's time to own your power and blossom in your creativity.

Please contact me for more dates, details and availability.

I look forward to working with you as you blossom in your creativity.

Leslie Montana