Pastel Pink Rose

Pastel Pink Rose by Leslie Montana
Watercolor on Arches hot press paper
Paper 15 x 22.5 inches / Image 12 x 12 inches
Key Notes: Receptivity, Yielding to Love

Have you had a bump or two in love? In life? It's nothing personal and it's time for all of humanity to heal at the level of our innermost hearts. Nature's love makes its way past every defense and wound there could ever be. It knows the heart and longs to satisfy its capacity to receive pure love. Our biggest job is to remain receptive and yielding to that love. If you knew this was your job from the start, which you probably did as a child, but never stopped believing it, how different do you imagine life would be right now? It's never too late.

Leslie Montana 


Exquisite Paintings on the Nature of Flowers is a body of work based on a sophisticated visual analysis of nature's frequencies = LOVE. Ongoing, and now in phase two.