The Sacred Rose, Embodying the High Feminine, Watercolor, Small Group Intensive - Leslie Montana

The Sacred Rose, Embodying the High Feminine, Watercolor, Small Group Intensive

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In this private invitation-only workshop with Leslie Montana, our focus is on the spiritual and practical aspects of creating works of art, and how to marry these two aspects together successfully. You don't need to have lots of experience, work in my style, or even a realistic manner to attend and receive the benefits of this course. It's the energy that matters, and that's what informs your practice. That's why I say the art of making art. The content of this workshop is channeled for the group in real-time. The overall format is lecture and demo. Request an invite via email.


• Small Group Format
• Length of Series: 3 Consecutive Weeks, online.
• Three classes: One class per week, for 3 weeks.
• Dates for Classes:
 A list of dates will be provided to you when you request it, or after you've received an invite from Leslie Montana via email. Please do this before making your purchase.

• Class Time:
 11AM-1PM Mountain Time, 1PM-3PM EST (Eastern Standard Time, US), 10AM-12PM PST (Pacific Standard Time, US)
• Duration: 2 hours each class
• Platform: SKYPE or ZOOM. Attendee's will receive an invite before class. Leslie Montana is not responsible for technical issues on the attendee's side.
• Location: Your computer. You'll receive a link via email to join the live webinar. Please log on a few minutes early to make sure you're connected and ready to go.


• Private Community Page
 You'll have access to a private community page on Leslie Montana's website where you can watch videos that are of specific relevance to this workshop and its participants. This adds an extra dimension of support and keeps us connected throughout the time we work together.


• Materials JPGs for the material we'll be working with will be emailed to you so you can prepare ahead of time if you'd like. You should receive an email close to the time of your course.

• Participation/Interaction You'll be able to ask questions in this format, and interact.

More information here.

Please email if you have any questions.

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• This is a non-refundable item.

• Disclaimer Leslie Montana reserves the right to refuse any person(s) service and/or products of any kind, and for any reason whatsoever she deems reasonable and appropriate. All sessions/consultations are offered at the sole discretion of Leslie Montana. Terms of service are subject to change without notice.