Your Soul Knows ART, Workshop Series

Now is the time to expand beyond outdated and self-limiting beliefs that keep you stuck in old patterns and programming. If you're saying yes to life, and you need a push, perhaps some fresh energy to get you going, read on. In my programs you'll learn to identify and use innate, inborn creative power which is always at-the-ready waiting to assist. No matter what labels you're known by, a journey with me is about your inner world and the satisfaction that comes with owning it. There's never been a better time to awaken to more of your potential through what may be called sacred play. In our work together I'll introduce you to key principals related to what I've learned and mastered over many years of practice. As participants often discover, unexpected shifts in awareness and accelerated abilities may occur as we set the stage for you to uncover and polish those dormant gems within. No artistic experience is necessary. Talk with me about your goals, questions and/or concerns before signing up.

"Explore and become comfortable with a larger more magnificent version of yourself with the expert guidance of Artist & Intuitive Channel Leslie Montana. Healing The Creative You, Workshops & Personal Coaching will help you dissolve blocks, grow in confidence and deepen your self-awareness. You’ll come away from our work together with an ability to apply what you learn to creative projects as well as your everyday life. Increase your joy and move into your creative groove like never before with Leslie’s intense yet gentle presence. Now is the time to welcome your creative intelligence home so you can enjoy more of the power of being who you truly are, a powerful creator."

For details please email or call 973.441.5696