Creativity, What is It? & What is Art?

Re-Defining Art and It's Purpose
Question: Is Art dependent upon rules? If so, what kind of rules, and how do we agree to see things in a certain way? I'm not talking about art-related techniques, but rather about our perception of reality, both inner and outer. Technique becomes easier as we reorient and re attune our senses.


We rarely experience life as it is. Instead, we've become adept at relying on mental constructs. Our minds fill in the details, often to an unhealthy extreme. Why is this? Think back. We've been trained this way since our early school days. We see a rose, name it, catalog it, and then— surprise, it disappears from our experience. Why? It has to because our thinking mind has taken over. The thinking mind does not allow us to experience life firsthand.


Rather than become one with the rose, sensing it's dimensional being-ness, we think about, and around it. We allow the idea, the representation of the rose to become the reality. That is how we've isolated ourselves from nature and the very depth of our connection to self. To balance this, we need downtime and reconnection with our true nature. Mother Nature provides the linkup. 


See things for yourself, as if for the very first time. When we're in sync with our soul, nature, and the endless depth of our being, we know everything has its place. We're okay in the midst of it all.

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Creating art from a place that's connected to our creative spark breaks the bondage of agreed-upon narratives that stifle our consciousness, and dim our light. When we glimpse the freedom it offers we naturally want to cling to it. We need some way of keeping it close to us. That's how I developed the body of work I call Exquisite Paintings on The Nature of Flowers. I began observing and creating in a way that kept me interested, energized, and constantly breaking free from everything I was taught that was false. It took years to integrate the many working parts and master my craft, which continues to grow and develop as I do. It's a practical and spiritual pursuit that keeps me connected to myself. The result is beautiful artwork.

Your Soul Knows Art is a program that begins with healing the heart and mind of creativity. Working with color, form, and the magic of how we can effectively ground light into physical objects is part of the process. It's the basis for what we call magic. And if you love art as I do, you know how magical it can be. The techniques are part of the equation and where the rubber meets the road, so to speak. It arises most naturally when tour orientation is in alignment.


Get Ready Learn to trust your creative genius with my practical, fun, spiritually-based methods and enjoy being more of who and what you truly are. For your greatest joy and intrinsic wholeness, join me for my groundbreaking and revolutionary method of teaching. Now online. Classes are ongoing and all levels are welcome. Get Your Soul Knows Art Program details here

Leslie Montana