Purple Iris Watercolor, Your Soul Knows Art, The Nature of Creativity

Art is a made-up thing.
It's an invention that follows certain rules. These are things we agree upon as a culture. And it's by these agreements that we see and understand art, as well as everything else in our world. During these times culture is coming apart worldwide. There's more and more room for redefining our reality as we realize the need for conscious creativity. Making art can be a great practical/spiritual practice that can help us re-gain and keep our balance in these very uncertain times. My creative endeavors are my spiritual practice and that's what I want to share with you here.

Click here to watch a 2 minute video of Purple Iris No.1 2021 | Spirit Rushing, Faith in Action

More people are questioning, wondering and confused about the status quo than ever before. The stillness of the soul, however, contains the baseline for grounding us in something that can hold everything, no matter what it is. It's much larger and more inclusive than anything else. When we're in synch with our soul, it's endless depth, we see that everything has its place. We're okay in the midst of it all. Even the worst kind of hurricane. Creating art from a place that's connected to our creative spark breaks the bondage to agreed upon narratives that stifle our consciousness, and dim our light. When we get a glimpse of the freedom it offers we naturally want to cling to it. We need some way of keeping it close to us. That's how I developed my work over the years. It's a practical/spiritual pursuit that keep me connected to myself in ways that have meaningful and often delightful results. 

Your Soul Knows Art is a program I started in 2013. It's about healing the heart and mind of creativity within, and working with it in constructive ways. It's fun because we're working with color, form and the magic of grounding light into physical objects. We do it all the time, so why not become conscious of it? It's also fun because it's all about play. That's how we learn and create from our true genius. It's beyond the thinking mind.

In making art we're always learning how to use the tools of the trade, along with the tools and abilities we are born with. Can you guess which is more important? These two, the inner and outer, can become well coordinated and produce results with practice. Eventually it all becomes one as we move toward maturity in the way we approach our creative work. Life often gives us nudges in the direction of our dreams. Ask your deeper self to show you which direction is calling you. List those authentic urges for freedom. Realize where they're coming from. Which fear-free inner promptings are pointing you towards something, that perhaps you've been told you cannot have? What feels good to you? Where do you need to learn skills so you can move forward with more confidence and ease?

I remember when I started. I just kept going. I never let anything stop me. I learned that persistence and working in harmony with my soul produced the only worthwhile results, both inside and out. Listen to the promptings of your soul above all else. If you're an artist, use your creative practice to build a strong foundation so nothing can pull you off course. If you're an appreciator, you can do the same. Surround yourself with beauty inside and out and you will become it. You will shine.

Learn about art and the magic of creating in my program Your Soul Knows Art. Skills are something you can acquire, which I teach, however, this is secondary. Anyone can learn skills. You'll need to be able to focus on what you want in an open minded way. Can you do that? What's your creative passion? What do you want to learn, and what do you want to create? It starts with your desire. Class projects often spin off into larger personal projects which you can share with the group or receive one-on-one coaching for. Held online via Zoom, please contact me for details and upcoming dates. Questions? Please email.

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Enjoy Being Creative