Reddest Rose in Rain

Reddest Rose in Rain watercolor by Leslie Montana
Title: Reddest Rose In Rain | Medium: Watercolor on Paper

I love exploring color. Red, for instance. It has a lot of bandwidth within it and there's a great deal of range within this seemingly singular color. The subject matter of this painting, a red rose, lent itself well as I experimented with red. Alive and glowing in real life, the qualities of a rose like this can only be sought after, never captured. The success of this painting depended on my willingness to let go of all expectations and just observe. This watercolor painting is of a very red, velvety rose just after an afternoon rain in Colorado.

In my online class Raindrops on Roses I use this painting as a reference. Join in for the lecture and demo and learn how I do this as you watch me paint.

email me for further details including availability of original artwork. Serious inquiries may arrange an in-person viewing upon request.