Ruby Chard Two, WILD & FREE, Authenticity

RUBY CHARD 2, painting by Leslie Montana

“RUBY CHARD Two” is WILD and FREE at its essence. And so, this painting is all about Authentic Power. "See with your true eyes," she says. “Realize that the world is yours as you open your true eyes. This is my gift to for you to receive, and also to create with. You'll be surprised at what you can do as your inner eyes reveal the Truth of your authentic power."


Ruby Chard 2, Giclee, Giant Canvas Print

From childhood, we've been taught to believe that sight is exclusively passive and that what we see on the surface is all there is. We receive impressions without question (programming), and in today's world, moments of stillness that would allow us to perceive what's in front of us more accurately, are few-and-far-between.

Sight is a doorway into the mystery of creation. Our ability to perceive and interact with life leads me to believe we're wired to see beyond illusion. It takes some effort to steer clear of the many agendas we're faced with though. Think social media and all the advertising we're exposed to. There are many ways and practices that can open the doors to pure sight for us, but the artwork that touches our soul is one of the most potent. My journey with the painting RUBY CHARD TWO is an exploration that led me to see more deeply and learn about life in new ways.

Painting is a mystical experience for me, and as a visionary-artist, much of what I see appears as undulating fields of light and color that are intelligent and speak to me in ways I can only express by making art. RUBY CHARD TWO is a visual prayer and it affects us at the quantum level helping us to remember that we’re all connected in a higher way by intelligent love. Higher love.