RUBY CHARD 2, Wild, Free

RUBY CHARD 2, painting by Leslie Montana

“RUBY CHARD II” is WILD. And so, this painting is all about Authentic Power. "See with your true eyes," she says. “Realize that the world is yours as you open your true eyes. This is my gift to for you to receive, and also to create with. Be delightfully surprised at what you can do as your inner eyes reveal the Truth of your True power."


Ruby Chard 2, Giclee, Giant Canvas Print

From an early age, we're taught to believe that sight is exclusively passive, which is not actually true. Sight and seeing become creative and active when we align our intention to see beyond all illusion. When we claim higher aspects of Truth in our perception, entire worlds open for us. There are many methods and practices that open these doors for us, but once the veil is pierced, there's no turning back. Outside programming can no longer dumb us down. Instead, as we encounter this sort of thing it feels uncomfortable and we know something is off. Coming back to our center helps to clear it. For those who are awake, raising our vibration and allowing creation to happen through us as we navigate through the dross of change is a high priority.

Ruby Chard 2, Special Edition Giclee print

Painting is a mystical experience for me, and as a visionary-artist, much of what I see appears as undulating fields of light and color that are intelligent and speak volumes to me. This painting is a Visual Prayer. "RUBY CHARD II" affects us at the quantum level helping us to remember that we’re all connected in higher LOVE. Be reminded daily with prints of my artwork. Redecorate Your Mind and space with high-vibration Art. Your environment and what's in it will help you transform.

Ruby Chard 2, in progress on my desk

Creativity is a process that's as magical as it is practical. Bringing ideas into form is something we all do. When we realize how powerful we really are it astounds us. We can hardly believe it. Be amazed at life. It's no small thing to be here now. We're all contributing to how the world is changing. Let's nourish ourselves and each other as we keep our vibrations high and create a more beautiful world than ever before.

Leslie Montana