Ruby Chard 2, Wild & Free, Authenticity

RUBY CHARD 2, painting by Leslie Montana


Title: Ruby Chard Two, by Leslie Montana
Watercolor on hot press paper
Size: 22 x 30 inches
Key Notes: Transmutes Conditioning, Wild and Free, Untamed
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Claiming Greater Alignment with the Truth of Nature

Ruby Chard Two
 is part of my Flower Essence Transmission collection. Key Notes: Authentic Power. "See with your true eyes," she says. “Realize that the world is yours as you open your true eyes. This is my gift to for you to receive, and also to create with. You'll be surprised at what you can do as your inner eyes reveal the truth leading to your authentic power."


Ruby Chard 2, Giclee, Giant Canvas Print

From childhood, we're taught to believe that sight is passive and that a surface sets limits to what we can see. A reflection is all there is. Not so. We receive impressions without question and are programmed. In today's world, moments of stillness that would allow us to perceive more accurately, are made to be few and far between. But that is only until we reclaim our minds. Until we slow down.

Sight is a doorway into the mystery of creation. Our ability to perceive and interact with life says we're wired to see beyond the illusion. It takes persistence to steer clear of the many agendas we're faced with on social media as well as the chaotic noise and electronic fog of modern life. As we draw our attention to what makes us feel whole we become a better antenna for a kind of truth that lives beyond illusion. We relax in a profound way that leaves us feeling awake and energized. We remember our connection to source.

There are many practices to open the doors of perception but the artwork that touches the soul is the most potent for me. My journey while creating the painting Ruby Chard Two led me to a new understanding. The transmutation of social conditioning which affects every area of life from health and money to spirituality and creation is finite and can be dropped at any moment. Returning to our original states of abundance, freedom and natural wildness is our collective path forward.

Wild is a natural state of being that promotes health, healing, right thinking, and states of coherence. It straightens us out as it illumines our minds. Mother Nature transmits the code of this kind of abundance and Ruby Chard Two is her visual song through me.

Ruby Chard 2 small poster print

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Painting is a mystical experience for me, and as a visionary-artist, much of what I see appears as undulating fields of light and color that are intelligent and speak to me in ways I can only express by making art. Ruby Chard Two is a visual prayer and it affects us at the quantum level helping us to remember that we’re all connected in a higher way by intelligent love. Higher love.

Ruby Chard 2, in progress on my desk


Exquisite Paintings on the Nature of Flowers is a body of work based on a sophisticated visual analysis of nature's frequencies = LOVE. Ongoing, and now in phase two.