RUBY CHARD TWO | Print | Visual Flower Essence | Watercolor Painting - Leslie Montana
RUBY CHARD TWO | Print | Visual Flower Essence | Watercolor Painting - Leslie Montana

RUBY CHARD TWO | Print | Visual Flower Essence | Watercolor Painting

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• Title: Ruby Chard Two - Visual Flower Essence Print
• This is a poster print of the original watercolor painting
• Matted Size is 11 X 14 inches

As an artist, I perceive the beauty of this world with endless interest. As a long time Reiki master and visionary my paintings are prayers in physical form and transmit subtle healing vibrations. The painting, Ruby Chard Two is part of my Visual Flower Essence, Meditation Collection.

Key Notes: Wild and Free, Transmutes Conditioning. The energy of this painting can be of assistance as we become more authentic and true to ourselves. It helps us end agreements that encourage satisfying the expectations of others in ways that don't serve us. Yes, you can slow that momentum down and ultimately stop that. It helps us to face our fears and deal with what we think might be the consequences of being true to ourselves. The fear can be quite compelling but joy and fun are more interesting and life-affirming. Are you willing to choose what feels good and right to you? What resonates with you at the highest level? As we become increasingly free of the conditioned mind, we automatically choose what's right and best for us. And we allow others to do the same as we act in accordance with our highest good. No apologies. Now, let's dance.

As spirit animates our human form, it shines through our core from the infinite well of creation while simultaneously returning to source. Part of the cosmic dance, this energy flows through plants and flowers in unique ways that can teach us and bring us into better alignment with who and what we truly are. Clarifying and healing for our emotional body, the intelligence of the plant kingdom has a way of gently expanding our awareness in profound ways.

Nature sprits are abundant on this earth and they're transmitting their intelligence to us all the time. When we're in receiving mode we feel inspired and full of life. When we're trying to become what others think we should be, we're in a dumbed down state, and our life force is compromised. Ruby Chard Two says - Own Your Life, Live it as you please, and let go of everything else. Enjoy being you.

Ruby Chard Two functions as a visual prayer and high vibration flower essence transmission and can positively affect the environment it's placed in.

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• Sold Unframed

• Fits standard size picture frames
• Overall Matted Size 11 X 14 inches
• Print size is 9 X 12 inches
• FREE Standard Shipping in the USA

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Learn more about the Ruby Chard Two painting and its creation here.

Disclaimer: The ideas and suggestions above are not intended in any way as a substitute for qualified medical advice. Consult a qualified medical practitioner for your health concerns. Visual Flower Essences, Vibrational Essences do not replace qualified medical assistance. If you have a physical illness, disease or psychological issues, however, they will complement and help treatment on subtle levels.