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Pink Rose Blossom poster print Leslie Montana


Authenticity is a quality of energy we all recognize. It has the ability to touch us deeply and can bring us to the sweetness of our core and comfort us. Art and its creation can bring qualities like this into form. It's a mystical process and the results can bring us face-to-face with our essence.

Imagine a world where cultivating the highest, clearest and most harmonious qualities was the highest priority. Many cultures do and they are being remembered. Feng Shui, now a household word, is an ancient practice that teaches us how to optimize our space for health, prosperity and wellbeing.

Next to being out in nature, our personal space, home-and-haven, is the closest thing we have to create with these principals in mind. Our space can be peaceful, lively, fun, playful, intimate, social, beautiful and everything we want it to be. Foundational to our wellbeing, step one includes clearing out what no longer resonates and bringing in the new as we raise the vibration of our space is step two. Maintaining healthy frequency inside-and-out starts at home and what we create within the walls of our environment.


Notice what's in your personal space and how you feel about it. Furniture, artwork, photos, books, papers, gifted items, pillows, clothing, not to mention where your attention is drawn through social media and TV daily. It all makes an impression.

Set a  new intention to create with intention. Clear, refresh and redecorate with positive energy. One small step is all it takes. Choose objects and artwork that makes your heart happy. Uplifted, energized, calm and centered, bright, clear, inspired, safe and happy are words that should come to mind.

When it comes to your decor, choose artwork and items that are right for you. Pay attention to how you feel and keep a journal as you go. The process should be fun and provide you with something you enjoy for a long time to come.

If you have questions or would like assistance in refreshing and arranging your space contact me. Here's an article about an art installation and bedroom re-design I did for a couple in California.

~ Leslie Montana

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