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Imagine a world where cultivating authentic presence was a high priority. It's hard to miss, can be conveyed in complete silence, and promotes a sense of wellbeing. Genuine presence can touch us deeply bringing us comfort, peace, and inspiration. To invite these qualities into our space we can call upon the flow of nature.

Feng Shui, now a household word, is an ancient practice that teaches us how to optimize our space for health, prosperity, and wellbeing. Maintaining healthy flow of energy and frequency starts right at home. What we create within the walls of our environment is a visible, and invisible reminder and can make a huge difference in the quality of our lives.

The Mind of Your Environment

Notice what's in your personal space and how you feel about it. Furniture, artwork, photos, books, papers, gifted items, pillows, and clothing, not to mention where your attention is drawn through social media and TV daily. It all makes an impression and has an effect.

Is it time to set an intention for your living space? Something fresh and new? One small step is all it takes to get started. When adding, choose objects and artwork that make your heart light. Associative words like uplifted, energized, calm and centered, bright, clear, inspired, safe, happy, etc. What words come to mind for the room you have in mind? Make a list.

When it comes to your decor, choose artwork and items that feel good to you. Notice their relationship to the space, the colors you gravitate toward, and the many details that usually go unnoticed. Pay attention to how you feel and consider keeping a journal if it's a long-term project.

Remember, it can be overwhelming when it's your own home. So, if you'd like some help, consider scheduling a design consultation with me.

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Leslie Montana

Ruby Chard Two
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Ocean Of Love, Sunset Rose
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Ruby Chard Two
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Exquisite Paintings on the Nature of Flowers is a body of work based on a sophisticated visual analysis of nature's frequencies = LOVE. Ongoing, and now in phase two.