Waking up to the Devic Realm, What is it?

What is the Devic Realm?

For those who grew up in western civilization, the terms deva and devic realm, not to mention fairies, elves, nature spirits, sprites, seem mysterious and beyond grasp. Left-brain dominant thinking commonly dismisses it all in favor of societal myths. That is, ideas we believe without question but have little to no alignment with nature or natural reality.


What is a Deva?

Those stories we resonate with, tales of magical places long ago, experiences with invisible friends from childhood, and so on, remain deeply meaningful to us. If their memory is dim, maybe it's time to light them up again.


Back then, as the small beings we were, we lived closer to the ground, wide open and vulnerable. We experienced life more fully. We played, fell, and got up, and in simplified terms, had few expectations other than to be cared for, and of course, loved. We were looked after by our human caretakers, but also by beings from realms associated with nature. Earth angels, also known as devas.


With imaginations wide open, children take in fairy tales as if they are real. The seeds planted in our minds during those years often lay dormant waiting to sprout in spiritual adulthood. And even if fairy tales were not a part of our childhood, they weren't mine, the stories are relevant because they live within the collective unconscious. As children, we are entrusted with them because we're purer of heart. We believe without question.


During the in-between years, the mind and heart are maturing, catching up, and we have to learn to distinguish between superstition and the truly supernatural. We must pass certain tests and cross the threshold into true adulthood. Then, at a certain point in our development, it's not difficult for us to see the threads of truth previously hidden woven through our lives. The relevant truth in those fairy tales and many other stories becomes evident.


How to help that along? Direct experience with nature. It provides the most open and accessible doorway we have to re-invigorate our multi-dimensional state of being. And no matter our current state of awareness, we walk through this doorway all the time, often unaware, because it is part of our indigenous nature, various realms of earth included.


Part of the Earth and Animated by Spirit

The spiritual purpose of material reality has been veiled for ages and forgotten. And now here we are, with the giant task of remembering. When we're disassociated from the spiritual intelligence of nature and the material planes of reality, we are at risk of losing touch with our humanity. This has happened many times in both known, and forgotten history. 


As the energies on this planet shift and amp up, a correction to this fracturing of native intelligence from human form is at hand, and it's impossible to ignore. It shows up in ways such as chaos and other symptoms of mass internal unrest. 


Somehow everyone knows the stakes are high, and we go one way or the other with things making the best choices we can at any given time. There's no one right way. And though it may seem otherwise, the pendulum is shifting back to ways of life that are in harmony with nature's intelligence. I know, it doesn't look that way if you watch the news.


If you live on earth, you exist within the ring or aura of Gaia. The spirit of the earth is alive, nurtures all beings, keeps things in order, and constantly informs the body-mind-spirit connection. As an integral part of our guidance system, we ground spirit on the material planes of existence through our terrestrial bodies. Material reality is a spiritual thing.


Fear is Not a God to Worship

There is a presence on earth that has no place here and it can be recognized by the fear it stirs up. It's become so entrenched in every aspect of existence that it's a way of life for many. Maybe we should call it the old normal. Insidious, it requires a quiet mind to truly discern what is true and real, and what is not. But one thing is for sure, it can be recognized by the distortion it presents, and the fear it creates. 


When we allow ourselves to be held within and entrained by nature's energies, its live-evolving algorithms, we feel more relaxed and tend to make better choices. We're more likely to remain healthy and have our needs met at every level. No matter how scary it seems, we can choose to align our actions with our internal guidance, knowing we'll be taken care of. The knowing that comes from within is our ultimate guide.

Frequency Overlap
The devic realm is a band of frequency present on this earth. And though the devas who reside within it remain invisible to most, humans live within a range of vibration that overlaps with theirs. Things begin to make sense in a new way when we understand the beings of nature and how they operate. Human life and nature are completely interdependent. The devas are coming forward now to assist with the re-integration of our native wisdom.

More on how to connect with them in my next post.


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