Dreaming Deva Jewelry, Zinnia Joy Collection

Zinnia Flower Essence Necklace - Keynote JOY - charm necklace

From Dreaming Deva, A Leslie Montana Project

This Zinnia Joy bouquet charm necklace is all about the lighter side of life. Each charm carries an energetic imprint that helps you tune into qualities supported by the devic realm. Receive insight and support that nurtures and protects. Flower Jewels inform your energy field with positive qualities so you can incorporate more joy, love, and light into your life.

Below is a brief description of each jewel in this charm necklace with a flower-focus you can work with.

Zinnia Synchronicity - Accessing higher mind, tapping into universal intelligence, feeling supported by the living web of love and light. "I take notice and acknowledge signposts and synchronistic events in my life."

Zinnia synchronicity, dreaming deva flower jewelry

Zinnia Attunement
 - Being in touch and in tune with Nature, healing, dreams, playfulness, and the devas. Hearing music and laughter from the devic realm. "I easily and effortlessly attune myself to Nature's healing and creative energies."

Zinnia Attunement, Dreaming Deva flower jewelry

Zinnia Friendship
 - Affectionate bonds with others originating in self-love. Celebration of the unique core of our being with others. Mutual reception and appreciation of presence. Those who are worthy of our trust fall into this category. "I experience friendship as an ever-evolving safe space to be me and receive others."

Zinnia Friendship, Dreaming Deva flower jewelry

Zinnia Delight
 - Fun! Playfulness, light-heartedness, giggles, belly laughter, spontaneous dance moves, and good vibes all the way around. "I enjoy and therefore amplify the delightful nature of my being."

Zinnia Delight, Dreaming Deva flower jewelry

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