RUBY CHARD TWO | Poster Print | Flower Essence Transmission Collection | Watercolor Painting - Leslie Montana

RUBY CHARD TWO | Poster Print | Flower Essence Transmission Collection | Watercolor Painting

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Ruby Chard Two, Poster Print size 16 x 20 inches from the original watercolor painting by Leslie Montana.

I perceive the beauty of this world with endless interest. As a long-time Reiki master and visionary, I consider my paintings to be prayers in physical form. Each piece carries the essence of a spiritual journey, and is embedded with subtle healing vibrations. Ruby Chard Two is part of my Flower Essence Transmission Collection.

Key Notes: Wild and Free, Transmutes Conditioning. The energy of this painting is about authenticity and the courage to claim inner freedom. It has to come from inside first in order to manifest outwardly.

Is it time to end agreements that encourage satisfying the expectations of others? Are you out of alignment with your self, your own needs? Stop, or at least slow the momentum.
 What we think might be the consequences of being true to ourselves usually isn't. Step into your new skin and enjoy being you. Take that risk.

As we become increasingly free of the conditioned mind, we automatically move toward what's right and best for us. And we allow others to do the same as we act in accordance with our highest good.

Nature sprits are abundant on this earth and they're transmitting their intelligence all the time. When we're in receiving mode we feel inspired and full of life. When we're trying to become what others think we should be, we're dumbed down and our life force is compromised. It's our job to guard that life force and nourish it so we can share it with others. Ruby Chard Two says - Own Your Life, Live it as you please, and let go of everything else. Be you.

Ruby Chard Two functions as a visual prayer and high vibration flower essence transmission and can positively affect the environment it's placed in.

• Poster Size: 16 x 20 inches
• Sold Unframed
• Fits most standard size picture frames
Read more about the original watercolor painting Ruby Chard Two and its creation.