OCEAN OF LOVE, SUNSET ROSE | Poster Print | Flower Essence Transmission Collection - Leslie Montana

OCEAN OF LOVE, SUNSET ROSE | Poster Print | Flower Essence Transmission Collection

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Ocean of Love, Sunset Rose - Poster Print size 16 x 20 inches from the Original Painting by Leslie Montana.

I perceive the beauty of this world with endless interest. As a long-time Reiki master and visionary, I consider my paintings to be prayers in physical form. Each piece carries the essence of a spiritual journey, and is embedded with subtle healing vibrations. Ocean Of Love, Sunset Rose is part of my Flower Essence Transmission Collection.

Key Notes: Unity Through Love, Supports Expansion. The energy of this painting is about expansion and open-heartedness. Anything that's obscuring our innermost self, our essential beauty is gently burned away as the sun sets on expired ideas we have about love and what it truly is. We're meant to know our connection through the vast internet of light that holds this universe together. Like waves in the ocean, we are all connected and moving toward a new kind of unison.

Roses are special in that they energetically inform our emotional field with unconditional love. Well known for their ability to transmute negativity and vibrate at high frequencies, Roses are an exquisite reminder of what it means to be in love.

When feeling challenged tune into Ocean Of Love, Sunset Rose and allow it to provide a space that's safe for your expansive self to grow into. Thoughts and feelings that would normally keep you stuck can then gently soften and fall away.

My  Ocean Of Love, Sunset Rose painting functions as a visual prayer and high vibration flower essence transmission and can have a positive affect on people who see it and the environment it's placed in. It's like having an ocean of warmth and love in your vicinity all the time.

Ocean of Love, Sunset Rose, Poster print
• Poster Size: 16 x 20 inches
• Sold Unframed
• Fits most standard size picture frames

• Learn more about the painting "Ocean of Love, Sunset Rose"  and how it was created.