Yellow Rose Supernova

Yellow Rose Supernova watercolor painting by Leslie Montana


Title: Yellow Rose Supernova | Medium: Watercolor on Paper

Yellow Rose Supernova is an important work, a critical turning-point piece which is the first to be completed in phase II of Montana’s body of work: Exquisite Paintings on the Nature of Flowers. This painting marks the beginning of a new phase in Montana’s work dated early 2018.

“As this painting was coming into being I was feeling a wonderful sense of creative renewal. It happened after a spiritual breakthrough that was triggered by soul-touching sound, and the musician who created it. Things somehow changed inside of me and I was gifted with a new level of awareness. It all happened fast and it was completely unexpected. The download was about the importance of art as a means of communication. It spoke of how energy may be wrapped in form but communicate to the minds of others in ways that go beyond our current structure of understanding. It provided me a level of confirmation for what I already knew and showed me that communication comes through unimpeded by ideas and fixed thought and to trust this more and more. And that's how the message came to me, with direct and immediate understanding, nothing in the way to think about. Boom. Supernova. Not easy to convey in words but perfect for me to work it through as creative expression. For weeks, this experience filtered down into every aspect of my life and integrated a little at a time. I didn't realize it but I'd begun a whole new phase of my work with this piece. Yellow Rose Supernova marks the beginning of phase two of Exquisite Paintings on the Nature of Flowers, building on nearly 20 years of the original body of work begun in the late nineties."

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