Yellow Dahlia with Bee

Title: Yellow Dahlia with Bee | Medium: Watercolor on Paper

This original watercolor painting of a softly hued yellow Dahlia is the inspiration for many of my apparel and home decor items. Dahlias have an uplifting quality about them and this one with its softly spiraling yellow-to-white petals, with accents in light pink, are gentle yet powerfully centering for the spirit. Complete with a hovering bee, natures all-important pollinator, as well as the tiny jewel-like water droplet, the combined elements in this painting symbolize the critical importance of water in our world as well as right-alignment to nature and the interdependence all species. The energy of this painting and the dahlia blossom, may, if you're receptive to it, assist with emotions, especially those that threaten to overwhelm.

The Leslie Montana Apparel Collection - Watercolor Shawls
Yellow Dahlia with Bee - Lightweight Shawl - My watercolors are oh-so-lovely to wear, and, I'm told, they lift and enhance ones' personal energy as they're worn. This design, featuring an abundance of dahlia blossoms, attending bees, and tiny jewel-like water droplets tells a story in color, form and flowing fabric. The stage is set upon a gracefully flowing neutral-tone Fibonacci inspired wave pattern with a sunny yellow layer of chiffon as its lining. My luxurious yet practical shawls are easy to care for and incorporate well into most wardrobes for year round use. Enjoy this exquisite handmade garment from the Leslie Montana Apparel Collection. This one is one of our top picks for gift giving and a best selling design.

Shop Yellow Dahlia with Bee lightweight shawl original watercolor by Leslie Montana

The Leslie Montana Home Decor - Velvet Pillow Collection
Yellow Dahlia with Bee - Velvet Pillows - Enjoy this beautiful series of Dahlia pillows from the Leslie Montana Home collection. Enhance your sanctuary and increase the good vibes in your space with consciously crafted home decor items from my exquisite flowers collection. Meticulously crafted, my velvet pillow covers are handmade with an invisible zipper incorporated into one long seam. They're fully finished on the inside and available with or without pillow inserts. With a variety of sizes and shapes to choose from, a bouquet of beautiful soft velvet pillows is ready to be yours with just a few clicks. Get ready to cuddle up with high-vibration home decor from Leslie Montana.


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