Title: Transition Rose, Peace Rose | Medium: Watercolor on paper

Roses speak to us from a dimension of truth, beauty, and abundance that transcends all languages. They can bring in the divine like ground under-foot to support us as life unfolds in unpredictable, and sometimes uncomfortable ways. Faith in the invisible, trust in the very center of our being, it's what we need for our days here on earth. My painting "Transition Rose" was with me through a lot of change over a period of several years as I worked on it. It carries the energy of my journey as I moved through all sorts of obstacles. It embodies a kind of release and receptivity to the new, hence the title: Transition Rose. This painting is based on the Peace rose.

If a painting can be a prayer, and it can, I believe this one supports us in the changes we're going through both individually and collectively as of January 2019, to June 2020 (the time of this writing) and beyond. Times of uncertainty including global health crisis and political shifts may find our sense of equilibrium in need of repeated restoration. The wisdom of nature, and in particular, roses, can contribute to our up-liftment.

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