Transition Rose

Title: Transition Rose | Medium: Watercolor on paper | In progress

Transition Rose is almost finished and at the stage where I’ll continue to apply thousands of subtle touches until complete. Like a newborn, it takes time and attention to know what it's calling for. I ask, and the painting tells me what it needs as I feed it color and tone from the tip of my paintbrush. No thinking involved just steadfast presence. I know from experience that after a while behold the rose that I’m focused on within, that blossom in my heart will show up as a completed painting. A piece of paper that was once blank white with nothing on it is now coming alive with a work of art that’s never been seen before. The creative process is the most magical thing I can imagine. The great mystery makes itself known in form. I’m a spectator witnessing and participating in creation.

Please email me for further details including availability of original artwork. Serious inquiries may arrange an in-person viewing upon request.