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Welcome. I'm Leslie Montana, the artist you see featured on this website. 

Besides my artistic endeavors, I also selectively work with clients to help them link their souls to their business and realize their dreams. If you're seeing this page it's because I directed you here. My specialties include:

Fine art, high craft, spirituality, health & wellbeing, and the culinary arts.


There’s something magical that happens when your marketing is authentic to your business.


Authentic energy exchange, energetic marketing.

It’s not just marketing, it’s energy. An authentic energy exchange between you and your ideal customer. I call this energetic marketing.

I discovered this elusive truth while building my own business, doing my branding, promoting, sales, product and web design, copywriting, editing, etc.

 People (just like you) need to communicate their genius to the world but are often at a loss at how to do it. Today, with advanced technology, and the diverse tools and resources at our disposal, the field is wide open. But it requires specialized knowledge, and the skills to navigate through the maze of choices. It also requires a uniquely dedicated visionary abilities with relevant know-how to execute on a plan.

Who I work with (does this sound like you?)

My clients are mostly independent creative people. Often entrepreneurs, new and re-purpose enterprise oriented, self motivated, intelligent and passionate about their work, they've been developing their business for a long time. It’s functioning, and all the gears work. It’s viable. But the presentation, how they meet the world, is less than optimal. That gap between where they are, and where they need to be grows wider as the days pass.

Often clients come to me when they’ve outgrown the website, their environment, their lifestyle. It becomes fairly obvious when it’s time for change. Up leveling can be scary, but when you take steps in the direction of your dreams, it works out. Authentic alignment has the wind at your back.

We all have a blind spot when it comes to our own business. So did I.

As entrepreneurs and creative beings we have dreams, desires, a sense of what we want to bring to the world.

The challenge is – how do we package and convey what we have to offer – in images and words – so our ideal customers recognize and feel that they’ve found what they’ve been searching for?

Leslie is the first agent and designer I’ve felt called to work with. Her web design is exquisite and her professionalism is unparalleled. I love that she’s prompt to respond and explains processes in ways I can easily grasp. A remarkable artist herself, she works with me from the viewpoint of caring deeply for my success as an artist. She understands my dreams and aspirations and has solutions to bring into actuality ideas I had only dreamt of before. She intuits my needs and the direction I should take to further my business in the most creative and applicable way possible. I feel ready to take my art to the next level and the work Leslie does with me helps me focus on that goal. I am grateful that our paths synchronically crossed at the perfect moment.

Madeleine, Santa Fe, NM

What I help you solve:

Putting the technical together with the dream, the practical aesthetic that matches your message, for the results you want. This is my specialty. Capturing the essence of your business, and getting it into physical, or digital form. It's creative work that involves intellect, and the efficient use of varied skill sets.

Overwhelm. How will all the details come together successfully? Whether you do it yourself, or I do it for you, I'm an orchestrator which means I organize the details as I create within the guidelines that we determine at the outset. You need to focus on other things, like running your business, creating, doing your thing. 

Micromanagement. You don't have to figure everything out yourself. When you work with me I'll help you avoid many unnecessary pitfalls, those expensive and time-wasting detours. I'm able to see the whole picture from a wider perspective, and make suggestions with your best interests in mind, from the technical to the aesthetic, and everything in between.

•  Trust in the process is a key ingredient. Our interaction is set up to build trust as we collaborate on your best behalf. Even if you have exact details on how you want something done, there will still be room for the unknown. That often means something wonderful and unexpected will appear. 


Clients Include:
The Museum of Natural History, NYC • SONY Music • NY Open Center, NYC • Arts Council of Essex County, NJ, Board Member • Essex Community College, NJ, Teacher • Harper Collins Publishers • Harper Perennial Books • William Morrow & Company Books, NYC • Doubleday Books, NYC • Penguin Random House, NYC • Harlequin Romance Books, NYC • Avon Books, NYC • Warner Books, now Grand Central Publishing, NYC • Penguin Random House Books, NYC • Penguin Books, NYC • Dutton Penguin Books, NYC • Scholastic Books, NYC • Mitsubishi, Printing Division, NJ • Alpha Metals Worldwide, NJ • Norsam Nano Technologies, Los Alamos • Prudential Reinsurance, NJ • Essex Entertainment, NJ • Special Music Company, NJ • The Toy Works, NY • Fiddlers Elbow Co. NY • Blue Sky Cafe & Bistro, Montclair NJ • Her Royal Highness, Princess Christina of the Netherlands, Special Project • The Santa Fe Botanical Gardens, NM • The Santa Fe Opera, NM • The Albuquerque Museum of Art & History, NM • The International Folk Art Alliance, Santa Fe, NM • Ron Whitmore Live - Radio Show Host, Entertainer & Owner at Artisan, Art Supplies, Santa Fe, NM.


More about me and how I work

Yes, I'm a professional artist and art educator. For select clients, I’m also a seasoned designer, writer with strong practical, business and creative skills.

Please note: This is a private page only available through this link. 


From very early on, my talents found me working with wonderful clients. From large organizations to entrepreneurs with a dream, their unique niche offerings, paired with my ability to understand, decode, create and communicate their message found me sought after. It was exciting.

And to this day, developing, designing, marketing, and conveying the uniqueness of my clients is something I love to do. I see the genius in people, and can help bring that across to an audience. This naturally helps an audience to grow. It's the hardest thing to do for yourself. That is how I learned. I did it myself.


When I work with my clients, I look beneath the surface. As I listen, learn about you, and review your materials, I'll carefully consider all of what you present to me. I'll also look deeper and ask what's beneath the surface of your offerings. Are there hidden gems that have been overlooked? Ideas you've dismissed because you didn't know how to bring them to life? Or, you never thought of that before! We'll find out as we go. Your deeper voice will communicate to me. My job is to translate the material for practical outcome.


I'll listen to you with an intuitive ear making sure that your long and short-term goals are considered. I'll ask many questions as we embark on this journey together. We'll discuss options and explore ideas to bring you and your audience together for the best possible results. It's a process that takes time, a willingness to dive deep, and patience as it all comes together.



What I can help you with

I’m a one-stop design and advertising studio for entrepreneurs, practical visionaries, artists and small business owners. Every project is unique and I have a wide range of experience. However, generally, here’s what I can help with.


• Coaching, if you’re working with me, or doing it yourself. I can work with you as a guide to the degree you need my support. This alleviates that feeling that you have to figure everything out yourself.

Product development - The product is always you. So branding, which is a whole category in and of itself, is a possibility here. Usually clients come to me with their branding in place. I can help you generate new products that fall under the heading of your brand such as publications, newsletters, workshops, seminars, etc... We can tweak, upgrade and expand what you already have. We can also create the new.

Design and Media

Website Design - Practical, well organized, the right platform for your brand, you need a functioning website that speaks to the world. Potentially and ideally it should connect with social media. But it all has to mesh and work well together.

Social Media - Evaluation, strategies and content creation. Photography, design, post creation and in depth assistance with this area. Ideally this should be designed to coordinate with your website.

Print Media - Brochures, business cards, books, flyers, stickers, zines, physical newsletters, postcards, note cards, signage. If you need print media, we can work on that. It's what I started out with. Printing and publishing.

Copywriting and editing - I do most of the copywriting and editing for my clients, but I also have colleagues in the field who are specialized. When it's appropriate to bring others on board we'll request quotes from them for your project.

Video editing, Photography - From photography and animated GIF's to YouTube videos, depending on your budget this is a growing area for my clients that's very exciting. I work with state of the art software, and I have expert colleagues in the field when needed.


At the heart of it all is branding, identity development. 
Over years of trial and error, mistakes, and successes, the experience I've acquired in these realms has proven tremendously valuable not just for myself, but for my clients.


If we work on your brand, I’ll ask you about your business and vision, and go deeper by asking questions such as:


• How is your brand aligned with who you are, and want to grow into?

• What message are you bringing forward? Your top priorities?

• What is its unique value as you see it, and what do you think others' perception is?

• How do you see yourself positioned in the marketplace but need some help getting there?

• What are your greatest fears around your goals and dreams?


When your branding is energetically and practically in place, 
I can also help you with many of the things listed above. Branding is a specialized area, and everything should work together seamlessly.


You should know, that I cannot help with…

Legal aspects of your business. I'll use the materials you give me but you are responsible for everything legal on your end. 

Eventually you'll find out that I'm a highly skilled intuitive. I use my skills professionally to assist clients. For personal issues I have dedicated sessions, and I keep that aspect separate from my commercial clients.


I’m a full-time professional artist, running a business. So if I take on your project, it's because I take a personal interest in you, and your mission. I can help with researching, finding out what is needed, and then orchestrating the complex facets of a project so that the execution is, in its essence, beautiful. The presentation must be functional, and elegant. Whether it's creative consultation, coaching, the design and execution of your website, YouTube channel, Instagram or Facebook stream, and/or marketing campaign, I'm listening carefully.


And I’m looking for the most practical and soul-intelligent path to follow.


How to get started with me

Let's talk about it, see if we’re a fit. Then, we can evaluate, and plan your best path forward. We’d start with a meeting to help narrow down what you’d like me to quote on. Then we’d review my proposal and work agreement to ensure we’re heading in the same direction.

It all starts with a conversation.

Yes! I'm ready!

Taking it to the next level is a decision, a choice you'll make. Whether you're a seasoned artist/creator, entrepreneur, or newbie, we'll work together to assess the ideas, concepts, and materials you're already working with. The refinement of those materials including editing, and rewriting your content, as well as revisiting your visual materials, and creating what you need are all possibilities.

With technology at its current stage of development, there's never been a better time to reach out to the world and make your mark.

It's time to: Be awesome and tell the world about it.

When you consider that business and commerce are an art form, then innovative and creative solutions can move you in the direction of your goals. It's time to ground your dreams into practical form because —

Your art, invention, brilliant idea, or concept may be what the world needs right now. 

Are you ready to take it to the next level?