Spiraling Daisies


SPIRALING DAISIES adds the energy of innocence to a loss-of-innocence vibe that began to permeate creative culture in the 1960s. The result is a super-evolved Flower-Power energy and design that maintains its purity and helps us tune into our center no matter what. Like noise cancellation, Spiraling Daisies gives us a kind of negative-vibe cancellation. With a sophisticated black-to-white pallet this design includes soft gradations of gray against bold black patterns. Spiraling Daisies addresses contrasts and asks if we're ready to let go and move beyond habit-worn patterns that, frankly, exhaust us. If we say yes, we can connect with a higher order of flow and Fibonacci inspired flower-power. The Fibonacci numbers can be thought of as a code upon which all of life, growth, and healing are built upon. It speaks to a kind of built-in circuitry that we instinctively recognize as human beings, and it’s the lead-in for our mind-body connection. When we begin to comprehend this we become increasingly aware of our connection to absolutely everything. The mind miraculously begins to quiet itself when it encounters the intelligence of space. Wrap up in any of these gorgeous handmade pieces and enjoy the circuitry that grounds us to our higher purpose.


Because they’re inspired by nature's algorithms or fractal formations, these designs have a way of reminding us of the larger things in life. Infinity, for instance. In a nanosecond, we're taken with them and simultaneously touched by something profoundly familiar. Think of them as gentle reminders that are nudging you toward expansion and greater clarity, and wrap yourself, or someone else in them. In a world full of distractions today's Rx includes SPIRALING DAISIES from my Fibonacci, Fractal and Flower Inspired designs. Level up with high-vibration products that speak your language. From the Leslie Montana - Green Alchemista Collection.