Raindrops on Roses (class)

Thank you for joining me for Raindrops on Roses, initial intensive workshop. Below you can watch how I begin with an enlarged detail of my painting Reddest Rose. This is a private video not available to the public. 

At 23 minutes I show my palette where I'm using just 3 colors to simplify the process. At this point I'm using Quin Red (WN), Indian Yellow (WN), and Thalo Blue (DS). You can use any three colors you already have that are red, yellow, blue. Or you can use colors from the suggested materials list. At 52 minutes I show a sped up version of the process.

The second video shows a progression, and I talk about various aspects of the creative process, what I teach and my philosophy.

In the third video I share an advanced way of transferring the photograph to paper as I talk about the process. This is a private video not available to the public.

Note: The videos may take a minute  or two to appear on your screen.