Beneath the reflective surface of tidal waters, my OYSTER design beckons us to consider the wisdom of these briny creatures at the bottom of the sea. They’re busy right now creating lustrous gems from irritating grains of sand, and who knows, maybe even plastic. I wonder, can we do the same, and with as much grace as this humble crustacean? All that’s left of irritation is a smooth semi-precious pearl and the iridescent nacre that's valued for its ability to soothe and repair us from the irritations of our environment. The crustacean-like shapes in this design speak to this process, and so, I named it OYSTER. Pearls are an obvious match for this design but be creative and wear it with what you like. And remember, the world is your OYSTER, especially while wearing this awesome design. Wrap up in it and imagine you're taking a deep breath of the clean salty-sea air that all life sprang from eons ago. It's one of those things that puts everything back into a fresh state of perspective.


Because they’re inspired by nature's algorithms or fractal formations, my designs have a way of reminding us of the larger things in life. Infinity, for instance. In a nanosecond, we're taken with them and simultaneously touched by something profoundly familiar. Think of them as gentle reminders that are nudging you toward expansion and greater clarity, and wrap yourself, or someone else in them. In a world full of distractions today's Rx includes OYSTER from my Fibonacci, Fractal and Flower Inspired designs. Level up with high-vibration products that speak your language. Modern Talismans for the Mind™ From Leslie Montana, The Green Alchemista Collection. Choosing just one could be a challenge.