Leslie Montana Gallery

I’m Leslie Montana, Visionary Artist, and Designer and it's the immense and nearly overwhelming beauty that I'm focused on 'within' when I'm creating with paint and brush. Flowers, plants and nature, and the patterns and colors I see all around me have always been a source of inspiration. And, if there is one thing I believe in, it's the power of creativity. What it means to have faith in the invisible world, behind the scenes where it's all in the process of coming into being.

I get a glimpse into all of this when I'm painting and it's where I create from. As an ambassador between the seen and unseen worlds 'Exquisite Paintings on The Nature of Flowers' is a body of work I began in the late 1990s that is now in phase II. Since its inception, I've found that my vision quests have helped me to bring a sense of order to the seeming chaos of the world. Not just for myself but others as well.

And, as the pace seems to quicken these days in the outside world, truth and beauty become a more vital sanctuary for us to go-to for replenishment and healing. There's been a long-standing invitation to enter the inner planes I speak of and it's where real peace reigns. Here we can touch the light of our collective soul, and know, truly remember and reestablish that which is real and important. While my creations are based on personal experience, my expressions are often said to have a transpersonal quality that can be sensed in deeper ways.

Included in my offerings are original works of art, museum-quality fine art prints, wearable garments and textile treatments for interior designers. I also consider a few
commissions each year. Learn more about my process here and if you have any questions regarding my work and/or products please feel free to contact me.

Leslie Montana