Iris Pair, Untitled

Bearded Iris, Untitled watercolor on Fabriano soft press paper. This is one of a pair, the second is in progress currently and is a white iris. Size: 15 x 15 inches.

One of the things I love about this iris is the very dark purples. The colors appear almost black. Also the shiny reflections from the bright sunlight in the midday sun, and the imperfections from dried water droplets on its petals. It's curly, ruffly, and clearly thriving as it comes into full bloom in the hot dry conditions that bring it to life. And it will always be in full bloom here as in this painting.

For those who are not artists, it seems an especially mysterious process when a painting replaces the white of a blank canvas. And even for seasoned creators, it's a surprise when something new makes an appearance. Though I can see the artwork in my mind's eye, it's still a process to bring it into material form, and it is always a surprise to see it in reality. There's a quality of attention and focus that goes into each work, and it takes many hours to complete a painting like this. No matter how many times I paint a purple iris, it's always different, fresh, and new. I always learn something, and that's because I give my whole attention to the process of creation. Watch me paint this artwork in the video below.