Purple Iris, Creative Courage, Clarity of Vision

Title: Purple Iris, Creative Courage, Clarity of Vision, Expression
Watercolor on soft press paper
Paper 20 x 20 inches / Image 15 x 15 inches
Key Notes: Supports creative flow, Authentic expression
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The energy of this painting supports our creative uniqueness as we're inspired to be ourselves in new, bold, and forthright ways. In the height of summer brightness, this iris thrives in the hottest time of day when we are typically craving shade. They soak up the sun and stand up with it. If your dreams have been gestating, this may be your invitation to see them more clearly in the bright light of day. Maybe it's time to take a courageous leap or even tentative first steps as you begin to anchor your vision into form.

One of the things I love about this bearded iris is the very dark purples. The shadows are rich, and the deeper colors appear almost black. The shine and reflection from the bright sunlight in the midday sun, and the imperfections from dried water droplets on its petals are so interesting. These flowers only last a few days in the garden. Considered rare beauties, made to live on in this watercolor painting.

It can seem a mysterious process, the making of a painting. And even for seasoned creators like me, it's a surprise when something new makes an appearance. I can see the artwork fully formed in my mind's eye before I start painting, but it's still a process to bring it into material form. And paradoxically, it is always a surprise to see it in reality. It's as if it makes a trip here from another world and I'm the conduit that helps it get here.

A certain quality of attention and focus goes into each work of art, and it takes many hours to complete a painting. No matter how many times I paint a purple iris, it's always different, fresh, and new. I always learn something, and that's because I give all of my attention to the process of creation. Watch me paint this artwork in the video below.