Green Alchemista

A Leslie Montana Project

The Green Alchemista Collection by Leslie Montana
#Frequency #Fashion #Fibonacci #Urban_Talisman #Holographic_Geometry #3DColor

It happened... I fell even more in love with the Infinite and was inspired to design a very special line of textiles. Creation, it's how I dialogue with the universe and ground my experience into 3D reality. It's how I celebrate life and tune my frequency to the light. It's also how I provide a beautiful bridge for others to do the same. For this project, my guiding principals were innovation and fashion as consciousness. And what brings it all together is our built-in common core, the universal language of fluid geometry. The Leslie Montana Green Alchemista Collection is a culmination of efforts that have been years in the making. Fibonacci, Fractal, and Flower inspired, my designs and products help call the mind back to center. A place of true power and stillness, also known as empowerment. It's the only place we really need to be at any given time. And that’s why I call the Leslie Montana Green Alchemista Collection Modern Talismans for the Mind™. When looking at them isn’t enough wrap-up in your favorites because your #Frequency_Matters.

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