Spring 2021

Frequency Matters Collection by Leslie Montana
Fibonacci, Fractal & Flower Inspired Apparel & Accessories

#Frequency #Fashion #Fibonacci #UrbanTalisman #HolographicGeometry #3DColor

Fashion as consciousness. It's our built-in common core, the universal language of fluid geometry that connects us and inspires me as I add new designs to this collection. Fibonacci, Fractal, and Flower inspired, they call the mind back to center, our true place of power. It's the only place we really need to be at any given time.

Modern Talismans for the Mind™
When looking at them isn’t enough wrap-up in your favorites.
Because Frequency Matters.

SIZE: 17 x 79 inches. Materials: 100% man-made fibers.
Brilliant, long-lasting color and fine detail are achieved with eco-friendly inks on high-quality man-made silk. Easy to care for & wrinkle resistant. Made with two layers: polyester silk crepe de Chine and semi-sheer chiffon. Artist signature is embedded. 

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