Forest Flow

Forest Flow, Community, Invisible Support

Let's take a moment for the the sentient beings we call trees. What do we really know about them? The names and miscellaneous data assigned to them? Often mistaken as a resource without respect or understanding, you and I know there's so much more to it.

Tress are part of earth's protective blanket, and also our beloved relatives. All life forms are related, and we are part of this system. Skeins of golden light flow among the treetops, roots, and their ringed individual cores. Their golden light travels aloft currents of earth's radiance informing all their relatives including us. But we are the only life form that must consciously enter into the silence to hear their song.

Trees are the highest and most advanced forms in the vegetable kingdom. Their circuitry supports life on this planet in ways we have yet to understand. Their efficient and integrated systems of communication, support and nurturance serve as a model for our human family. They are precious, and the reality is that we cannot survive without them.

Forest Flow, Skeins of Golden Light, Community, Invisible support

by Leslie Montana

Organic Cotton Shawl in Forest Flow, by special order.