FLAMENCO is a super-hot design with rippling waves of monochromatic color and swirlingly delicious tone-on-tone reflections. As dark grays blend into rich blacks, it all comes to life with flashes of vivid red that can so perfectly and positively accentuate what we might call our moment-to-moment. Though it may not be obvious to everyone, many of us are intimately familiar with the depth and intensity of life. We're also well acquainted with its fullness and Joie-de-Vivre. This design says the wild and untamed side has our number, it's on speed dial, and we're good with that. We know when we're in the groove and we wear it well. Flamenco is passion personified and you'll love having this firey, yet well-tempered design as a shawl or scarf in your wardrobe. It's perfect for adding spice to any occasion. Easily pair it with black or red evening attire, work clothes or casual blue jeans. Flamenco is popular for gift giving with its universal appeal and fashion-forward versatility. Black and red are a tried-and-true classic duo.


Because they’re inspired by nature's algorithms or fractal formations, my designs have a way of reminding us of the larger things in life. Infinity, for instance. In a nanosecond, we're taken with them and simultaneously touched by something profoundly familiar. Think of them as gentle reminders that are nudging you toward expansion and greater clarity, and wrap yourself, or someone else in them. In a world full of distractions today's Rx includes FLAMENCO from my Fibonacci, Fractal and Flower Inspired designs. Level up with high-vibration products that speak your language. Modern Talismans for the Mind™ From Leslie Montana, The Green Alchemista Collection. Choosing just one could be a challenge.