Cowel, Neck Warmer in Cosmic Ladder by Leslie Montana, The Green Alchemista collection


The pearly dots in my COSMIC LADDER design form a lattice of light-like threads, or ladder rungs, that appear on a black and blue background representing the starry cosmos. Touches of light green and magenta provide additional interest in this classic Fibonacci and fractal inspired design. Its characteristic swirls are just so much fun. COSMIC LADDER makes us feel as if we're on a great adventure. Acknowledging that we're inseparable from the vastness of the universe reminds us. Tweak your perspective with this awesome design and see!


Because they’re inspired by nature's algorithms or fractal formations, my designs have a way of reminding us of the larger things in life. Infinity, for instance. In a nanosecond, we're taken with them and simultaneously touched by something profoundly familiar. Think of them as gentle reminders that are nudging you toward expansion and greater clarity, and wrap yourself, or someone else in them. In a world full of distractions today's Rx includes COSMIC LADDER from my Fibonacci, Fractal and Flower Inspired designs. Level up with high-vibration products that speak your language. Modern Talismans for the Mind™ From Leslie Montana, The Green Alchemista Collection. Choosing just one could be a challenge.