Working With Me

With many years of experience as a successful commercial artist behind me, I know the value of mining for, polishing, and communicating from the core of our own uniqueness. I've found that no matter who or where we're from, when we're honest with life, the seeds of genius begin to sprout inside us. A natural alignment occurs even if we're un aware of it, and that's what beckons us toward true success and prosperity. Then, when we take action, those seeds are watered and nurtured as we walk our talk, and move forward in our authenticity.

How I work

Step 1

This adventure begins with you and your creation. 
You'll communicate with me so I can review your materials and get an understand your overall goals. If I think I can help, I'll let you know after I review the basic details of your project. Please email me with that information if you haven't already. 

Step 2
Agreeing on how we'll work together

Our first step is to set up a time to chat. We'll talk one or more times to figure out what you need and how we’ll work together. Then, I'll send you an email confirming:

• Your objectives and a description of the work I'll do for you

• What I’ll deliver to you, when and how

• How much it will cost, and your options for payments

• What happens if there are delays, additional revisions, and other project issues that could come up

• A request that we both agree, sign, or confirm by email.

Also, please note, if we detour from our original plan, I'll let you know so we can make the necessary adjustments.

Step 3
After we decide on the work you'd like me to do for you, I'll send you a work agreement containing pertinent information.

For example:

• Description of the work
From our earlier conversation(s) we will have clarified our objectives. In this section I'll describe what I'll be doing for you so we begin on the right foot and stay on track.

• Fees for this project
My hourly rates fall within the mid to upper tier, and depending on the skill required, vary accordingly. Before I get started on your project I require a 50% good faith deposit to reserve my time. In some cases a lump sum may be paid, and that sum subtracted from to fund the project. At this point, we will have discussed options and decided which way we'd like to proceed. I'll send you an invoice and provide you with options for payment.

• I'll start working on your project after I've received the following
A reply to my email with your 'OK'
Your 50% deposit, or a lump sum depending on our agreement
The materials I've asked for at that point in time

Further details will be provided in the work agreement I send you.

Working well together, nuts, bolts, and precautionary notes

The whole idea behind working together is to collaborate successfully. I take my work seriously and will do everything I can to fulfill our objectives, hopefully delivering beyond your expectations. However, in the unlikely situation where you change, cancel or delay the project, I reserve the right to do the following:

• If you require more than two rounds of revisions, I'll ask for a new work agreement (or agreement in writing), for the balance of the work.

• If you change the assignment after I’ve made the first presentation, I’ll require a new work agreement and additional fees.

• If you cancel or put the project on hold after I've begun working on your job, I reserve the right to keep your 50% deposit as a “kill fee".

• If you don't send me feedback within 30 days of me making the first presentation, I reserve the right to keep your 50% deposit, and may apply an additional 25% “kill fee".

Your Brand of Awesome is Calling

I aim for excellence, and if I take on your project, it's because I take a personal interest in you, and your mission. It's important that we're on the same page and that our goals are aligned for the best possible outcome. Whether it's creative consultation, coaching, the design and execution of your website, YouTube channel, Instagram or Facebook stream, and/or marketing campaign, I'll be listening carefully and looking for the most practical and soul-intelligent path to follow. Your first step is to set up a time to chat with me.

Ready or not, life will call you forward, and you must be prepared to answer the call. My advice -

Be awesome, and let the world know about it.

Leslie Montana