Cabbage Flower Watercolor | Keynotes: Devotion, Inner Resolve, Sustainable Action

Cabbage Flower, watercolor in progress, December 2021

Title: Cabbage Flower
Watercolor painting by Leslie Montana, shown in progress, December 2021

The energy of this painting is around themes of focus, inner resolve, and what it takes to follow the Light as an act of continual devotion. Its frequencies relate primarily to the grounding of spirituality in practical ways that are in service, where the rubber meets the road so to speak.

Keynotes: Devotion, Inner Resolve, Sustainable Action

Greens are among the most healing color palettes and one of Mother Nature's favorite go-to's. Its vibrancy and range bring to mind the freshness of spring and the amazing variety of vegetation present on our planet. Vitality, balance, and aliveness are just a few common descriptors. The frequency of the color green resonates most closely with the heart chakra and is a powerful healing color to nurture and maintain in our auric field.

Leslie Montana