Collection: Apparel, The Green Alchemista Project

Fibonacci, Mandelbrot, Leonardo DaVinci, and the Golden Ratio all have something in common that artist-designer Leslie Montana invokes so beautifully in her timeless European-style scarf and accessory lines.

With an upbeat and wild-style twist, high fashion meets science in vivacious color, as well as soft muted tones providing the perfect context for her fractal-inspired textiles. "My designs are built upon the formulae that life and healing follow most naturally," says Montana. "It's always a moment of magic when that infinity pattern touches and transforms our consciousness..."

And in fact, the high-touch, high-tech qualities of these garments are evident for both the mind and body in her collections of delightfully sensuous garments. High priorities for Montana include socially responsible and environmentally sensitive production and sourcing methods.

— When looking at them isn't enough, wrap up in what Montana calls "Modern Talismans for the Mind". Choosing just one could be a challenge. 

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