White & Red Striped Rose, Where Spirit & Matter Meet

White & Red Striped Rose

Our energy field exists at the intersection of spirit and matter which is where everything comes into being & dissolves back into the void. Creation happens at this magical juncture, a place of great potential, & unlimited power. When we get this we know ourselves as creators and the field of potential becomes the ultimate playground. — Leslie Montana

White & Red Striped Rose is all about the dance that takes place at the juncture where spirit and matter meet. It's where the magic happens and fields of light, higher mind, the quantum field become entwined in matter. As I worked on this painting I was lifted beyond the movies of the lower world and had the sense I would always be in the right place at the right time. This painting helps us integrate duality and enhances receptivity of Love. It was begun at the winter solstice 2021.

This is one of those breakthrough paintings where everything that was waiting in the wings came through with a rush of fresh energy. My vision opened up and colors became richer and more vibrant than before. And wow, what can I say? Words are insufficient. That's one of the reasons I paint. When momentum gets going and I'm on to something new, I don't want to stop. Giclee prints are available of White and Red Striped Rose.