Striped Iris, in Purple & White, Oil Study on Archival Birch Board

The qualities of a larger-than-life iris in full bloom inspired me to make this small oil study on birch board. As I painted, thoughts came to mind about how we humans contribute to the atmosphere of this world by emitting patterns of thought and emotion. This in turn has a direct effect on our personal and collective atmosphere. And though we can't usually see it, we do feel it and it does have an effect.

Flowers and plants have a set pattern of harmony that they lend us in such beautiful ways to learn from. Here, my Striped Iris, Purple and White helps us to remember how to work with these patterns and create with them in mutually beneficial ways. In this painting, contrast and pattern are of a beautiful, flowing, and harmonious nature. When we look at it the mind reorganizes toward a similar a geometry creating ease inside us.

This is something I've been tuned into all my life. I sometimes wonder, how is it we've forgotten that such profound truths exist all around us? Or is it that we've forgotten how to connect with this level of reality? I think it's both. I love that art can help us remember and stay connected to what matters most.

Striped Purple & White Iris, Oil on board

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