Pink Rose Blossom, Watercolor Painting, Flower Essence Art

Pink Rose Blossom, Visual Flower Essence, Watercolor Painting

PINK ROSE BLOSSOM in Watercolor | Flower Essence Transmission Collection | Unconditional Love, Transmutes Negativity 

This work of art was completed in stages and remained unfinished for the greater part of 3 years. The blossom in the finished painting seems hover in space. It's not an optical illusion, but rather an expression of life. Somehow touchable within the mind, Pink Rose Blossom can appear dimensional, almost like a hologram to those who can see it. This artwork is part of my Flower Essence Transmission Collection and can help raise the vibration of the space it's placed in. Prints are available in my online store.

The energy of this painting assists us in our open-heartedness, as well as when we need to let go of anything that's obscuring our innermost self, our beauty. As spirit animates our human form, it shines through our core from the infinite well of creation while simultaneously returning to source. This energy flows through plants and flowers in unique ways that can teach us. Roses are special in that they have a lot of to say about unconditional love. They're known for their ability to transmute negativity. When feeling challenged, Pink Rose Blossom can provide a soft cushion as negative thoughts and feelings soften and fall away, much like the petals of a rose. Pink Rose Blossom functions as a visual flower essence and can affect not only people who see it but the environment it's placed in. Like having a rosy pink love-light on all the time.

Pink Rose Blossom
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"Flowers need not prove their worth to receive the rain." —Leslie Montana

These words, now an inspirational quote, were given to me by spirit when I needed to better understand my worth. I repeated the sentence like a mantra, its meaning permeating my being. I invite you to try it. Mother Nature is a great teacher, and she knows our intrinsic worth even when we forget. We're all worthy despite circumstances, limiting ideas, health issues, and so on. It's our job to wake up to this truth. And as we do, we leave a trail so that others may follow.

Leslie Montana