Pink Rose Blossom, Watercolor Flower Essence

Pink Rose Blossom, watercolor painting

PINK ROSE BLOSSOM in Watercolor, Visual Flower Essence

Created in watercolor on Arches hot press paper, this piece remained unfinished for a long while. But over the past few weeks, PINK ROSE BLOSSOM was calling me to bring it through its final stages of completion. So, I did. Everything has its right timing, and today as I look at the finished painting of a larger than life rose blossom in beautiful pinks, it seems to float right off the paper and hover in space. Somehow touchable within the mind, it appears dimensional like a hologram. The rose that inspired this artwork was larger than life and heavenly fragrant, and this artwork is present with the rarified energetic essence of rose-ness I felt coming from it. Flower Essences as they manifest in my artwork affect the subtle bodies and charge up your environment with positive energy. If this painting makes you feel good, you're getting PINK ROSE BLOSSOM's lovely energy. Enjoy, and feel free to share your experience with me.

Pink Rose Blossom


PINK ROSE BLOSSOM | Essence and Energy

The energy of this painting helps us peel away the layers that obscure our innermost beauty. The spirit that shines through from our core to the outside world comes from the infinite. It wants to flow freely but is colored, sometimes darkly, by our experiences. Pink Rose Blossom assists us as we allow the old emotional scabs and armor to soften up and peel away like the petals of this rose blossom. When the heart opens and is undefended, it can be washed clean with the healing waters of our tears, and even the tears of others. What was once too painful to feel and fully acknowledge is put into a more proper perspective. We grow, and our presence, also known as our light, outshines old hurts and traumas. We move toward our highest human potential as increasing levels of unconditional love are able to flow more freely through us. It's a process that's never-ending but oh-so-satisfying as we walk forward on our path of becoming whole. Healing is for everybody. No one is excluded. But some of us are more attached to the path of our personal pain than is truly necessary. Roses have a way of disarming us with their gentle yet profound beauty.